My poor baby was spayed yesterday.  After much debate and discussion with the hubby.  We decided puppies were just not in our future.  My kids are upset, but I think not having to worry about heats and other stray dogs getting her is a relief.


She was a little groggy and shaky yesterday but slept all night and is pretty much her Corgi puppy self today.  I'm trying to keep her quiet.

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Aw I hope she is ok and heals fast. My puppy Chloe is only 2 months but I know bring spayed is also in her future and were not looking forward to it!
Best of luck to you :)
Hope she recover quickly! You did the right thing.
Good choice :) Hopefully she has a speedy recovery. We found that all our pups and fosters who were done at a young age recovered in days. Our youngest corgi was at the park 3 days later because he was pretty much all healed up! Good Luck keeping her quiet..hehehe... thats a tough task for any puppy!
They seem to bounce back pretty quick from getting "fixed." Having a litter of pups, getting them into the world, placed in good homes, is just a huge amount of work. Enjoy River and when the urge strikes for another puppy, and it will, there will be one out there somewhere that's just right for your family.
Hope she has a safe and good recovery :) Its a good choice if your heart is not into breeding at the moment.
You definitely did the right thing! Many folks don't realize the amount of work and expense that goes into having a litter of pups. Not to mention heartbreak and the uncertainty that goes along with raising those pups and then sending them off to a home that you hope is appropriate... And your baby will never know the difference - she will live a long and healthy life, without the worries of heat cycles and health issues that go along with being un-spayed. You're being a good, responsible corgi-mom! Way to go!

Mine all recovered very fast.... I think it's so funny when the doc says "keep them quiet, no running, no rough-housing" - like ya, right - how am I supposed to do that when they all live for playing?!?


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