Yoda, the adoptable senior PWC that I posted about before has been transferred to Middle Tenn Corgi Rescue headquarters with Tavia. He was MUCH happier there with older dogs, from what I could tell. Tavia suspects he may be in the early stages of DM, and is having a chipin for the funds to test him for it. If you could contribute, that would be great. Yoda is a fantastic guy and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it isn't the case--she says his foot dragging and wobbliness are all early signs of it, which frightens me. I hope it will also raise awareness for DM, as I had never been aware myself of the signs of it.

Here is the link to help Yoda: http://mtcorgirescue.chipin.com/medical-testing-for-yoda

Thank you for your time, Corgipeople! :)

**For those who don't want to use Paypal, I have Tavia's address for checks. Just e-mail me at 23spades@gmail.com and I'll get it to you. :)

Yoda has reached, and exceeded, his goal! Paige at CorgiPals wrote up more info about it on her blog--on top of being able to be tested for DM and advanced arthritis, SOMEONE HAS SHOWN INTEREST IN HIM!!!!! Let's keep our fingers crossed for no DM and a great forever home! Here's Paige's writeup: http://corgipals.blogspot.com/2011/07/yoda-needs-our-help.html

:) :) :) :)

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Please keep us updated as to Yoda's status....

Will do--updating now, actually!
I'm sooooo glad....his smile is just amazing!!!!!!!
Agreed! You should hear his baroo...it's old and crackly and he does it when he has done everything else in his power to get belly rubs with no success (these include attempted mind control/shivering/huffing/shoving his face onto your lap and grunting)

So happy to hear he has reached his goal and that someone has shown interest in him!

I will say a prayer for his DM and advanced arthritis testing...

Thank you for your prayers, Andrea...I'll be doing the same! Either way, he has lots of love and support from the corgi community, and that's fantastic. :)
Fingers, paws, scales and claws all crossed here for Yoda!

Praying that it is not DM, I have went thru it with 2 of my corgi,s and it is no fun. Have they considered testing him for Lyme Disease, just a thought it can cause a lot of neurological problems if left untreated. Keep our fingers that Yoda gets a forever home.


So glad -- do let us know the results.  We are hoping for the best news!
I wanted to give everyone an update on Yoda--here it is, straight from MTCR creator, Tavia:

"Yoda wants to say thank you for donating to his medical fund. We went to the vet today for pain meds, and exam, and xrays. Right now it looks like he is suffering from degenerative disc disease in his back, and we are still working to rule out DM. Without you, we would not have had the funding for the testing and blood work he needed!"

Here's a thank you from Yoda himself: http://www.mtcorgirescue.webs.com/YodaThanks.swf


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