* you carry a furminator in the car...


* you have any item of clothing that has on it the words "bunny butt"...


* pet hair is considered a condiment at your house...


* you put your friends in the following categories: red and white, sable, tricolored....




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--when you say "let's go in the car!" and you have a corgi run to you and immediately boost himself into your arms.

--you feel the need to help help every dog onto the couch even if they don't need it.

--you laugh at the trail of fur left behind immediately after frapping.

--you can interpret the corgi elephant trumpets.

--you've considered taking a dust buster to your dog. come on now, we're all guilty.

--you're a member of this website :D
and you're posting to it at work when you should be working!
Ditto to that...LOL!
OMG!!! I do this!!
Same here hahah.

Yup Roxi dodges and jumps into the back of the car (its a sneaky fight to try and pick her up)... but Charlie runs up and does a have jump in the side pick up position automatically lol.
Actually mine love to be vacuumed, good thing I have a built in as I don't think there is regular canister vac large enough to hold all the fur, and this is easier to empty. I do this at grooming time and it is great.
-when family and friends give you Corgi themed gifts

-you have a collection of Corgi things you've purchased yourself

-you own clothing featuring Corgis

-you have Corgi ornaments on your Christmas tree

-you know that back talk doesn't just apply to humans

-you recruit random Corgi owners you see in public to join this site so they can come to your local meet up

-you've been to London and were disappointed with the lack of Corgi stuff to buy, especially at Buckingham palace
Great list Ladybug!
I do have corgi themed ornaments on my tree. Also, I completely understand the talking back. Noodles does this quite often.
you spent $3 on a pen just because it had a corgi topper on it (which is now sitting on the dashboard of my truck) and then you tossed the pen.
Hahahaha! Oh, that is so me!
I couldn't resist I saw it at the kid's book fair. It was the only one there. It came on Littlest Pet Shop marker that didn't even work but boy is the corgi cute!


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