A friend of mine is getting a new puppy after losing her 2 year old Corgi :(  She is trying to find a name, so I thought it would be fun if everyone would post their doggies name.   I will start my Corgi is "Sophie"  the 3 dogs I have had in the past (bless their soles) were Keena , Shelby and Sydney.


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Mine are Lemmy and Pilot ^_^
Sorry for your friends loss :( 

My male is Max and the female is Maggie


My  corgi is also named Maggie, but how about the name SALLY?

The pets that myself and my family have owned are Yuki (pronounced yoo-kee), Ellie, Maggie Mae, Cookie, Sebastian, Lucky and Howie.

My first corgi was named River, after the character in Firefly - because she was exceptionally smart and had a thing for water.  My current corgis are Luna and Twinkie.  Luna was named after a character from the Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony.  Her full name is actually Ada Luna - meaning Fairy Moon.  Twinkie I named because no other name seemed suitable.  When I adopted her she was 37.5 lbs and shaved... She looked so sad, and so similar to a twinkie with legs, that no other name suited her.

Mine is Ramji Lee....Daramji in full which means squirrel in korean :)

Ah...Ramji's brother who is owned by another great family is named BLUE (so cute!)

1st dog ever was Rusty

2nd (15 years old now) is Hershi -- female aussie/lab mix

Current is Scout  -- My little girl corgi! 

I think my next will be named Morgan.  I like it for both a boy or girl.

I have Chase.
I called him Happy Face for days while I thought of a suitable name. After about 3 days we named him Chase because he is a mama's boy and he chases me all over the house. :)
I also considered naming him Phineas, but that's too serious of a name for his goofy personality.

Mine is Merlin.  Others that would have been possibilities if I had waited for a bit after we got him,

Idget, Izzy, Airborne since he thinks he can fly, Satellite - the ears phase, and Willie - short for Willie Wild Ass.

Chase thinks he can fly too! He goes down the stairs and when he gets to the bottom 3 he just jumps!! He must be an adrenaline junkie!!

Sammie and Milo. I love the name oddis to! 


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