Zion has diarrhea and vomitting in last 36~ hours. Time to take him to vet?

2 year old male.  Not overweight.  No changes in his diet.  All current on his shots.

3 Days Ago: When we came back from being out, he had diarrhea multiple times on the floor.  Still at his food.

2 Days Ago: He seemed to be fine.  Energetic and produced solid bowels.

24 Hours Ago: Diarrhea came back.  He couldn't it control it so he did it in our room.  I immediately took him outside, did it 2 more times.

Yesterday Evening: Diarrhea twice at night.  Didn't eat his dinner for first time.

-Slept through the night peacefully-

This Morning: I woke up to his diarrhea on the floor.  He finished his food from last night, but puked it all out 4 times over 30 minutes.  2 more diarrhea.

He seems lethargic, but doesn't seem cripplingly bad.  I remember giving him cooked beef rib bones from 3 days ago.  He ate it fine and we chucked it when it got small enough to be choking hazard.

Time to take him to the vet?  Or just a bad case of indigestion which could pass?

There's been a death in the family.  He has been staying at 3 different new places in last 3 days.  Too  much environment change upset him?

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I think it's time for the vet.  He's at risk of dehydration at this point.

I don't want to scare you but it is very possible the rib bone is causing an obstruction or partial obstruction. Especially since the symptoms seem off and on. Diarrhea plus vomiting immediately after eating are big red flags for obstruction. I'd call the vet and have him checked out, tell the vet about the rib bones. Keep us posted.


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