I don't think there is such thing as a tough toy for Gracie.  She destroys everything!  I ordered an Octopus from Tuffie toys.  It was rated a 10.  She tore a hole in it within the first 15 minutes.  I originally got this toy for her six month old little brother and she took it from him. Dyson doesn't destroy things like she does.  Unbelievable!  Are you Corgis this destructive?  She wouldn't let Dyson near it.  It is funny to watch them interact.  She is definitely the bossy one!  I guess it is a female thing. My husband said that she has "anger issues." Iol!

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I think it's just different play styles. Aber, when he went through his brief phase of actually liking toys, loved the stuffed ones. He's the world's gentlest dog, but within 5 minutes he'd rip the head open and pull the squeaker out and then fling stuffing all over the living room. Then he'd go rest until I restuffed the toy (with or without squeaker depending on if it still worked), sewed it back together and tossed it back to him for round 2. He wouldn't play with a kong or a nylabone or anything else. He'd eat chewies, but that's about it.

Ragnar has been remarkable gentle with his toys and he's a much more boisterous corgi. I did just buy him a stuffed fox (we named it Mulder) for the tail--he loves my fluffy duster so I tried to find a toy that mimics it. He proceeded to pull an Aber, ripped Mr. Mulder's back open, pulled out the squeaker, mauled it beyond recognition, and then scattered stuffing everywhere. I didn't even bother restuffing the toy this time. He likes it just fine as a tail and a pelt :)
If you have a trainer, I would discuss it with them. Perhaps they would have some suggestions to help reduce her destructive behaivor. Bella has so many toys and she doesn't seem to be destructive.

As sweet as my Hannah is, she completely destroys stuffed dog toys and the rubber tennis ball type shapes. Since I have children she will collect some of their valuables and proceed to chew them to bits. In particular, she likes plastic figurines and again stuffed toys, starting with the eyes. She will excavate a squeaker and chew it up too. She loves wood and fir cones from the out of doors, but I don't let them inside. On the other hand, she hates sinew, is okay with rawhide and my daughter bought her an entife cow foot (hoof, bones and some skin) that scares her to death...
Every dog is different, mine love GoDog toys, they are very durable with my two corgis, though they are fairly gentle for the most part. My dads dog is the silent toy killer, he so quietly rips a toy open thread by tread, pulls the stuffing and squeaker out and then flings it around. Sometimes we can ketch him before he rips to big of a whole, The only time my two wreck there toys is if it was wrecked by Quincy my dads dog first. That is why i by GoDog they are made of a durable fabric but they are still nice and soft, and they stand up better to my dads dog that the Tuffie toys which have the black edging that Quincy will rip the exposed stitches out so fast and easy. Have you tried stuffles ones, my dads dog Quincy will not wreck non stuffing ones.
Dexter chews through stuffed toys very quickly. I got him a hide a squirrel, he loved itbut chewed a whole in the middle combing the two front holes into one giant one. This way he only has to shake the toy and the squirrels come out. We no longer buy stuffed toys because he sysemtatically destroyed everyone starting with the eyes and noses. I buy kong toys with sweakers in them, and he does better. Corgi's have no concept of sharing toys, it is their toy or eventually will be their toy and that is how they look at all toys. The alligater with the 16 squeakers has lasted the longest, but sadly he is in many pieces. Everytime Dex destroys a toy it goes into the trash, hopefully he will catch on someday.
Your Gracie must be related to our Keri!!There is no toy that she can't go thru to get at the squeaker,then tear out all the stuffing.We've had stuffingless models,canvas versions,it doesn't matter.merlin is our younger corgi,he just turned a year old,
but not a chewer at all.Matter of fact,Keri gets furious at him because he won't play tug of war!She smacks him in the face with toys,growls with the toy in her mouth,chases him and just MAYBE he may take 2 tugs on it.The only thing we seem to keep in the house that she doesn't destroy are pasturized beef knee caps.At least both of them will chew on them til they're
too small and we throw them away.
Ace is the same way... So far every toy we have bought him has been destroyed within 5-10 minutes of it being in his mouth... I cant leave his tennis balls ont he ground cuz he eats them so after a game of fetch i have to pick them up immidiatly!
He killed his mister bill toy... and literally shred anything with a squeeker then gets upset cuz it doesnt squeek anymore LOL

he has become more destructive int he last month or so... he actually chew a hole in our couch! which is weird because he got a really long long walk before and a long game of fetch so he shouldnt have done it... mom said he musta destroyed it and tired himself out cuz afterwards he came and took a nap with her x.x;; *sigh* hopefully its just a phase UGH lol
He killed Mr. Bill ?? Ohhhhh Nooooooooo!!

( I just HAD to ) :-)
LOL, I don't think they're are to many Corgi pruff toy out there. Minnie and Scotter can go through them in 5 min. Got tired of spending $$ on hight end toys, so we just go to the dallor store. Y can get alot of toys for $10.00. Found one toy at Safeways that they have had for aweek. It's bell shaped and you put milkbones in it. Keeps them busy so far. Anyway good luck.


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