How do I ever get over losing my best friend? I had to make the awful decision to send her over The Bridge on Oct 10 2011. Still to this day I cry over losing her. I do have a new puppy coming Feb 29th. So I hope that will help fill the void in my heart. But I don't know. I'm really worried I will expect to much from the new puppy. Or compare her to Scooter when I shouldn't. It seems I have 100's of worries...

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I am sorry for your loss.  I lost Sugar (my lab) who thought she was my Corgi's momma.  She passed away on 1-2-12.  one month before her 15th birthday.  My Corgis were so sad.  But they are getting better now.  I healed some wounds by writing her a poem and making a movie, go see it on my wall.  We will all see them one day, I just know!!  Message me if you want someone to share your feelings with.

I lost my Langston Oct 1 2010 and I still miss him and cry at times.  We got a wonderful rescue Corgi in less than 6 wks (it wasn't just happened).   Tate is the sweetest guy and we love him dearly but he isn't Langston. 

Each being that comes into our lives is special and unique and when they leave, there will be always be a void.  You will love your new puppy AND there will be times when you compare the new puppy to Scooter.  And it will be OK. Your new Corgi will also steal your heart.

I know how you feel. I had to put my Spud down last year at Valentine's Day. Yeah, that's right Valentine's Day. It isn't a happy day for me anymore. It gets easier as the time goes. I still think about my Spud all the time and I am getting more sad as next week approaches but I think of the good times I had with him. I did get another corgi, Tator Tot, a little over a month after I lost Spud. Tator has filled a big hole in my heart that was left when I had to put Spud down. Having another corgi puppy running around does help :-). I hope this little guy/girl helps fill that hole for you like Tator did for me.

Spud and Tator! What great names!! Sorry you lost Spud and then on the of Love to boot... Not good... I hope Pippin will fill the void Scooter left behind and has Tator done for you. Time will tell. Thanks for your reply..

The way I feel now, after just losing Morgan "Stinky Wink" last week, I don't think I'll ever get over it. We were always close, but for the past five years, since my retirement, we were together 24/7. I was sure I heard a squeak toy this afternoon (wishful thinking, I know). I'm sure it will get easier, but it will never, ever be the same.

Hi Randy, I'm so sorry for your lose and I know just what you're saying. Scooter has been gone since October and it's not any easier for me yet. I'm crying through tears right now just writing about her.I miss her so much. I still expect her to meet me at door when I come in from work. Or jump up on the bed when I go to bed with a bowl of pop corn. I still find myself holding the last bite of whatever I'm eating for her. We called her "Last Bite Scooter". She was just 9 when I lost her. It's not fair is it? I do have another puppy coming Feb 29th. I hope she will help ease my pain. But you're right, It will never be the same

I am not sure you ever really get over it but a new puppy will take your mind off it! They are so wonderful in their own way that they each make a special place in our hearts.

Bev...thanks for the note you posted. I loved the words about the shortness but specialness of their lives. You're right. We have to forego the pain to share that life. And in the final tally, it has to be worth it.

We all know how you feel sadly and have are stories- which I do think will help just a bit to get through those sad days. We lost 2 sweet babies in 2011 both 12 years old and they will always be in my heart. When I think of them, I try to keep in mind how we cared for them both so much and they knew it no doubt. Andy & Barney where my best friends and helped me through the deaths of my parents as well as enjoyment of the birth of our new 1st grand baby. We do have a new puppy - 7 months old, Harley. But, she will never be a Andy, Barney, Corki or Christie (my rainbow corgis). She will be Harley with her own personality and each day I become more in love. But never will I forget my other babies waiting on us all @ "The Bridge".

I think you are doing the best thing you can do by getting a new puppy and leap year day. For me nothing helps fill the void of losing are best friends like a new puppy. Each puppy brings their unique personality and I doubt that you'll be comparing or expecting to much from your new puppy. I wish you lots of adventures and love with your new puppy and feel for your loss of your buddy, Scooter.


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