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30 year old photo - Rookie, w. baby Lindsay

Rookie loved Lindsay and was always there protecting her. I can't imagine ever worrying about how Rookie would react to the birth of Lindsay, our first baby. I also can't imagine keeping them apart. Prior to our babies, Rookie was always with me. No matter how late I'd be up working, he'd be right there with his regal head on my foot. He was incensed when we came home with a new Corgi, Maggie. Maggie was 14 wks. and Rookie was 6 mo. He tried every which way to keep from entering a room. When she persevered, he pushed her into our pool. Eventually they became inseparable best friends. But, Maggie never was devoted to the babies like Rookie. Maybe Rookie just kept them to himself.

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Losing my best friend :-(

Started by Carolyn Pippin and Gambler. Last reply by Lucy & Ricky (Wendy/Jack ) Feb 15, 2012. 10 Replies

How do I ever get over losing my best friend? I had to make the awful decision to send her over The Bridge on Oct 10 2011. Still to this day I cry over losing her. I do have a new puppy coming Feb…Continue

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Comment by Denise Gilbert James on September 2, 2012 at 2:50pm

Bev, I am so sorry. Labus & Boudreux send Corgi kisses to you. I know I lost Sugar in Feb this year, she was almost 14. I made a movie for one of our Corgi friends when she lost her Scooter. (Carolyn Pippin and Gambler). it will make you sad, but such a good tribute!   I know we will all see then one day again...God bless you and your family!!  Here is scooter's movie.

Comment by ♥ Kobi, Angel Kazi & Kiya♥ on September 2, 2012 at 3:32am

Bev, I am SO sorry. Every time I see an email from one of my Corgi friends on Corgis Remembered it makes me VERY sad.I still feel very heart broken about losing my Kazi two years ago so I know the pain you are feeling now. It is very hard losing one of our frubabies :( You are in my heart Bev. I remember all the nice words you had for me when I needed someone two years ago. We at Corgis Remember all are here for you!

Comment by Randy DeJaynes on September 1, 2012 at 2:11pm

Bev...SO sorry to hear about your little guy! Every time I hear of one of our precious little ones crossing over, it saddens me. The pain from losing Morgan Stinky Wink still sweeps over me sometimes, even with the two babies we have. Take comfort in knowing he had a wonderful life with you, and that he is in excellent company at the Bridge. Huey and Taffy send their hugs and Corgi kisses.

Comment by Lucy & Ricky (Wendy/Jack ) on September 1, 2012 at 1:48pm

Aw Bev. I posted my last comment on Aug 18, and it really pains me now to see Sparty's photo here. But, it was his time. You did what you had to do being the wonderful "mom" that you are. I like to think that a part of his spirit lives on in Ricky-Rafa. He's happiest when he can grab a sock, shoe, rubber glove or sponge and run with it. RIP Sparty. Do find my Corgi Rookie. I think you'll be BFFS.

Comment by Bev Levy on August 30, 2012 at 8:54pm

As you all are probably aware Sparty passed away peacefully at home last night after a dinner with bacon. His health had just reached a point where he was just no longer showing signs of the nutty fun dog he was. I am going to remember him as the "Dennis the Menace " puppy he was 13 years ago. Wildly racing around the house with someone's sock in his mouth and barking furiously if someone scolded him. Also, as the star of obedience classes and the wonderful, loving brother to Buffy. Until the very end he was always good with other dogs except unfortunately our doberman. Sparty could play fetch until your arm fell off and always gave me a kiss if I picked him up and held him like a baby. He became progressively grumpier as he became sicker but I will always remember him as a corgi with a huge smile and love of adventure!

Comment by Lucy & Ricky (Wendy/Jack ) on August 18, 2012 at 2:18am

We all know when we bring dogs into our lives that it's not forever. Dog years are too short. But we love them with all our hearts, and each day can seem like forever because they fill our lives with so much love––especially Corgis! How can one little-big dog take up so much room in our hearts and lives. And their loss is so tremendous. But, in loss we can't lose sight of the joy they brought and we need to celebrate their lives. It was the reason I created Corgis Remembered––to grieve together but also to laugh and remember all the fun we shared. Here's to all of our beloved Corgis now and then.

Comment by Bev Levy on August 12, 2012 at 7:00pm

Sandy, I checked your page and your corgis are beautiful! I had a Buffy too, she was the sweetest corgi and gone way too soon at 6. I am currently dealing with my Sparty's cancer at age 13 and hope he will be with me a bit longer. Welcome!

Comment by Sandy Bond on August 12, 2012 at 2:32pm

The photo below is William (background) and Buffy.  William was our first Corgi.  He was sooooo smart.  He went back to our Lord on July 22, 2010 due to the effects of Addison's Disease diagnosed when he was 5.  He lived to be nearly 10 years and was a joy to my husband and I.  We will never forget him, he was so special.  His companion, Buffy went home to the Lord on April 23, 2012 from a disease called Canine Dysautonomia.  She will always be in our hearts and minds til the day we go to be with she and William.  These are our two Corgis now, Winston, the Cardigan age 2, and little Gracie Mae a Pembroke, age 4 1/2 months.  Each Corgi we have been privileged to parent have had their own little special personality and these two are loved just as William and Buffy are.  The pain of loss is still so close and hurts but we are blessed to have known William and Buffy and what a reunion it will be when we see them again. 

Comment by Lucy & Ricky (Wendy/Jack ) on April 13, 2012 at 11:53pm

Aww Kathy. I think of all my Corgis from ago like they are still here. And they are. I see bits of the Gork and Rookie in Ricky/Rafa. Parts of my girls in Lucy. We talk and laugh about them all the time. There's no better breed. I often think that my LucyLu would be so happy herding next to Bevy Lou. Lucy has more herding instinct than all my Corgis combined. She's also the smallest, 21 lbs. But she's the least social, haha. She hasn't met a female yet that she likes. TG R/R wore her down and they are now BFFs. They even sleep on our bed and spoon. I've been thinking of your Korkoo. The name reminds me of my Gork, who's never far from my mind. I totally forgot that it's friday the 13th. It's been a week for my youngest. She got her wallet stolen a few days ago and a fender bender today. I can't wait for 2013. So far 2012 has been a bit stinko. Hope it's been a great year for all the Wiley's. xoxo

Comment by Bev Levy on April 13, 2012 at 7:24pm

Your 4 Lil' blessings are adorable! I haven't had a puppy in a long time!


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