Hi all, just wondering what the average weight for a corgi puppy is...the vet says Maple is healthy, she is 21 lbs @ 6 months! Wondering if this is a bit too much...Her father is named "Tank", and he is a big corgi, possibly 40 lbs. Is there such a thing as a Big Corgi breed? Your thoughts...

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(My 5 year old human child, that is!)

We've had 7 corgis across our family.  All but two have been pemmies.  I've had 3.

The red, Jake, our 2nd, was around 24lbs until 5y/o then went up to 26/27lbs where he is now at 7y/o.  He's always been a lighter boned dog, light on his feet, perhaps a little longer legged and fast.

Arthur, our first, was a red headed tri and very thick boned. He was always over 30lbs.  We rescued him at 1y/o and then he died of cancer at 10 where he was 38lbs.  He was always considered 'big' and maybe too big by 1-2 lbs.

Duffy, our 3rd and another rescue, is also a red headed tri and another big dog but not has heavy boned as Arthur was.  At 6y/o he's around 35lbs and the vet seems happy.  He's had both leg go through ACL repairs but just lives for chasing The Ball.

So I'd say I'd say Maple's weight largely depends on her size.  If you trust the vet, then trust the vet.

My vet says Corgis tend to pack it on and weigh around 30 as an avg but since my Mamie is crippled and can only use 1 front leg I have to keep her on strict rations. She is 18 months and weighs around 19 lbs. she always wants more food and I feel bad telling her she can't have another treat but I know it is best that she stays lighter so she can support her weight on three legs instead of 4

I am the exact opposite!  My corgi pups are on the small size, only being 10 lbs at 4 months, and ive asked my vet about this and he says they are healthy.  I think its just the corgi.

Do corgis keep growing after a year? I thought they topped out their growth (unless they get fat of course) by 12 mo's - I'm hoping mine stays small!

Big does not mean Corgi standard which would be about 12"high at their shoulders and 18" long from their shoulders to their butt. Sage and her mom weighed 19 pounds till almost 2.She is exactly at the weight she should be(24#) at 2. She is now at 5 the same weight. I feed TOTW or Canidea(ALS) which is grain free and my Corgis get 1/3-1/2 cup 2 times a day. I believe that just like for people that too many carbs are NOT good!!!!!!

Where we live the vets are not really used to Corgis and so they can't always offer the best advice for food. Yes, there are different sized Corgis. Corgis do not reach their full size till about 18-24 months...that's why they are considered a large breed dog as they take so long to reach their full size.

Just like people....they do come in different sizes but we need to be aware of their weight.


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