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Back from an AWESOME WEEK

lol so went out to friends house Wednesday let Ace play with his buddy Abby (fox terrier) and Starlet (chihuahua) lol they all had so much fun! then Friday gave Ace a bath and made him smell good~ Then Saturday (my birthday) went to the pride in portland ~ Walked ace around and he was sooooo good im so proud of him i still cant believe him, didnt jump on little kids or snatch food.. when i caught him with something i only had to say drop it once... ugh i love him we started at 10 that…


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I love my pup!

So today was my birthday and i had as blast.. Ace was the best darn little guy while we were out at a parade thinger LOL

he behaived so well and we ran into about 4-5 other Corgis while we were there and Ace was like OH BOY YOU LOOK LIKE ME!!! lol it was so cute! I bought him an adorible little shirt though i have to fix it up for him cuz he pottied on it EW lol

Also Im so proud of him because he wasnt jumping on people and didnt steal food and left food that was…

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Happy Birthday?

Eh my Birthday is tomorrow (19th) and im starting to get this gut fweeling it isnt gonna be great... But im staying possitive... I just Gave Ace a bath so the pride parade im going to he will be all nice and clean... so far so good he is smelling good and clean as a whistle LOL then tomorrow its off for an early morning... ugh... i hate being rushed for other people.. its no fun... and its giving me this gut feeling my birthday is gonna be aweful LOL... Oh well I get to flaunt Ace around thats… Continue

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Birthday is closin in!

So tomorrow my friends are coming to kidnap me for a weekend of hellacious fun! LOL

Ace of course is coming with i cant see leaving him at home without me for a week LOL

Speaking of Ace... I was looking on last night -like i tend to do alot- and i was blown away to seeing Ace's biological mom for sale... im dropping subtle hints here and there... but i doubt we will get her...

Aside from that I have been dong laundry galore and collecting change…


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Oh boy~

So summer is here.. one of my favorite time of the years~

I just got myself a hair cut~! I love it~

Ace is in love with his pool and now runs THROUGH it of course leaping over the sides... but it is a fun thing to see~

he was scared of the pool at first since i got him in January... and there was no way in HELL i would put him in a pool then LOL... anyways.. he was scared of it at first but i coaxed him in with ice cubes.. i wanted him to know it was a good…


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ugh of all the luck!

I managed to get all three dogs bathes today

Buffy, Scrappy and ACE.... my acheles(sp?) tendon got hurt today... my breathing is ceasing to exist at the moment *hates asthma* and... NOW my cell died... as in ceases to turn on... no charging will help... so now im down about 10 numbers i really really needed... im in a panic because they didnt transfer over on the SIM card >: so i guess i get to call tmobile tommorrow...

Ace is currently running wild around the…


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So i love hte fact of how smart corgi's are lol dont get me wrong mutts are pretty smart too.. I wish buffy were 10 years younger she would be teaching Ace some awesome tricks lol

speaking of tricks The other night I started to teach him a new one... i worked 10 minutes on it with him using his food as treats since he hasnt been eating like his old self.. *wanted to get SOME food in him, more then one meal a day atleast*

So i stopped that night and the fallowing afternoon…


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Somedays i wish i lived by myself... im tired people telling me how to raise my puppy... if im playing with my dog and he is barking SO WHAT it is play it will not turn him into a yapper ugh... Ace doesnt bark at everything and if he is barking while we play it doesnt mean anything... ugh.. im frustrated.. I loved being out at my brothers house this last weekend with Ace because there was a respect out there... John was trying to help me with Ace and his training and wasnt comprimising it...…


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