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We've Moved!

   Harri visited the vet on Sunday and at 9 months he is 28 pounds!!  28 pounds of fluff and sweetness.

We packed our bags and headed south! Harrison and I now live in Lomita, Ca about a 40 minute drive from where we were before. We moved in Jan.1 and things have been great! Harrison now gets to always play with his big little sister TinkTink the chihuahua.…


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Congratulations Harrison!!!

Guess who got picked as today's grown up puppy of the day on the daily puppy.com!!!!!    HARRISON did! 

The Daily Puppy - Harrison 

oh and my brother posted him here corgi reddit

He is very proud of himself . So if you can show your fellow corgi…


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Belmont Shore Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade


So on Sunday Oct 30, we took Harrison and his chihuahua sister TinkTink to the doggy costume parade held in Long Beach,Ca. It was really an awesome experience with so many dogs and they owners all dressed up in costumes! Over 500 dogs attended!  Also! I found this link on facebook of pictures from the parade. I was so happy and surprised…


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Photo Blog Update

Well the results are in and Harrison did not make the 12 month calender semi-finalist. oh well. He is still very proud of himself. I was really expecting more pictures to be chosen as finalist to be voted on not just 17. Kinda feels pointless to vote. Just my opinion. 



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I meant to post this earlier but Good Luck to everyone that entered a photo in  the mycorgi calendar! I'm really excited to see everyone's pictures! And even if Harrison doesn't make the 12 month calendar there is always next year :D 

 Harrison is excited too. He loves his fellow fur friends. …


Added by Harrison & Melyza on October 18, 2011 at 4:57pm — 3 Comments

Found and returned

 As Harrison and I were outside taking a potty break I saw a little girl carrying a white doggy, her mom opens the gate they have a brief conversation and then the girl puts the dog down and she goes inside. The little doggy was left outside on the side of the street, I whistled over to the dog and she quickly came running over to us. I instantly recognized her! She belonged to the ppl who live behind my house and I had seen her out before.  She was the sweetest little thing and Harrison…


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Finally turned 4 months

Harrison will be 4 months tomorrow (happy birthday little guy! )  So i got his his last set of puppy shots last Wednesday and on Sunday we made our way to our local dog beach and he loved it! Well.. he loved the sand and all the other dogs, but he didn't like the cold water. lol . We also took our chihuahua who despite being kinda anti-social had a blast as well!


As for my brothers corgi-poodle, Elly, she is doing fine and dandy. Her and Harrison have a great time playing…


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New Puppy Rescued

My brother and sister-in-law adopted/rescued this little sweetheart that they named Elly this past Friday. It's all kinda crazy how it all happened. It all began when I started the process of adopting my puppy Harrison, my brother and sis in law were interested in getting a puppy as well. So, they began looking for a doggy in shelters and rescues. After several failed…


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Puppy Playtime

Today I took Harrison to his very first puppy play group. And he LOVED it! I was happy to finally find some puppies for him to play with since our 3yr chihuahua wants nothing to do with him. He had a great time and the train was happy and surprised how well he took to the other puppies. 

   I'm also very proud of the fact that he is already house trained, I believe 3 or 4 of the other puppies had an accident during playtime. 

 Harrison couldn't make it though the whole hour and…


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Vet Visit

Harrison went to the vet today for his 12 week puppy shots. It was also the first time I took him out by myself. I packed my bag with his paperwork, banana treats, and squirrel squeak toy. My plan was, to keep him entertained.. WRONG. lol . Overall he did good, he was really excited to see other puppies, but started barking at the furry pups when they wouldn't play with him.  

I still haven't gotten use to  people asking me what kind of breed he is, and even after I tell them, they…


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