I am very scared for Algy. This summer he had a tumor on his spleen that ruptured and caused major and massive interal bleeding. He had emergency surgery to have his spleen removed and when the tissue was out they found that he had low grade lymphoma. The vet was sure that they got all of the infected tissue and that his recovery would be fine. Well, he is still doing well and his bloodwork is OK, although he is showing some signs of mild anemia. The problem is that his lymph nodes are swollen and the vet feels that its possible that more tumors are starting to form. They are hoping that the steriods that he normally takes for his blood disorder will quash the new tumors, but they have to wait and see what happens. If the cancer is back, there is nothing we can really do to treat him, except make him comfortable and spoil him with love and treats (which we do anyway). He is an older dog at almost 11, but I am still very worried that he'll die of cancer, instead of just dying of old age. I was hoping that someone could give me some advice that has been through this, or just maybe looking for some support.

We love him so much.

He goes in for bloodwork pretty regularly. I thought maybe I could start a blog, in case my experience can help others who might go through the same with their kiddo.

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Comment by Jenn on December 27, 2009 at 9:18am
I am hoping Algy is doing well. I just started with Corgis, but I lost a cat just a few months ago to potential cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer by one vet. I took him to another vet less than a week later and he wasn't sure it was cancer, but we made the decision to put the cat down that night. The vet said it was the best thing for him. It was so hard to do. But the vet said he was suffering.

It's three months after you posted this, so I am hoping things are going well. As everyone else says, just shower him with love and attention. Make him the happiest dog in the world.
Comment by Janice Moroney on November 24, 2009 at 1:29pm
I hope that all goes well for you and Algy. It is hard to watch our sweet friends suffer or leave us. Hopefully
it will all go good and Algy will be fine.
Comment by Joanna, Rainy and Calvin on September 9, 2009 at 8:49pm
This is all good advice, and I thank you guys for sharing it with me, and sharing your experience. It's easier said than done, but I will try not to worry too much and just enjoy him as much as I can. It just makes me very sad for all our furry friends when they are taken by illness. They are all special and deserve better. Thank you for your thoughts!
Comment by Bev Levy on September 9, 2009 at 8:40pm
I am so sorry to hear about Algy's illness. I can only say I have lost both much loved cats and dogs in many different ways. Unfortunately it is not easier no matter what takes them! So just enjoy the time you have to the fullest and continue to love Algy no matter how this ends up. That is really all he wants. Thanks for sharing, we do need to remember that our time with our buddies is short and needs to be enjoyed to the fullest!
Comment by Gail and Ashton on September 8, 2009 at 1:17pm
Our prayers are with you. I have gone through cancer with both of my shepherd mixes. Brynner is a 3 year cancer survivor and is happily going towards his 13th birthday. My sweet little boy Heston was the kindest rescued shepherd mix you would have ever met and a total momma's boy. He developed tumors on his spleen which ruptured/bleed and we went in and removed his spleen. Unfortunately during surgery we discovered he had a ton of tiny tumors already growing all over. Being a tech I knew this was a very bad thing. We figured he would have a couple more months which he, being a little trooper, gave us 3. He had all the treats he wanted, canned food (which he only got on special occasions) and plenty of love an attention. The day we took him into the clinic for his last visit was the worst day of my life. I cried so hard. The entire clinic was in tears with me. Dealing with cancer with your dogs is heartbreaking but when the time comes, that love you have for them will let you know it is the right decision to let them go. I miss him terribly everyday but the memories of all of our good time makes me realize that, even knowing how much it hurts to have lost him, I would still do it again.

My prayers are with you and Algy. <3
Comment by Avyon on September 8, 2009 at 12:59pm
I agree with John - my first dog was the family lab and she was the sweetest little girl. She died on cancer as well and I guess the way we survived day to day was to just take care of her and make sure she was as happy and comfortable as she could be.

It was all of us saying thank you for the memories and being such a wonderful girl. She deserved being overly pampered in the end.

I will always give anything again to hug her (Im tearing up as I write this) but she paithed the way for Roxi and Charlie and Apex and Cody... they deserve just a good of a life.. and when the time comes Algy will watch you happly as you give just as much love to another little puppers.

Now that you know - live everyday like a dogs life. You have an advantage that some people don't and if you take it not all is wasted :). Why sit around and be sad when he still can do and when he can't. Use that sad energy to love him even more.

My heart goes out to you. It is a terrible thing to experience and watch. Just remember they can sense and feel your feelings. He should know he made you happy till the very end.

and who knows. He may beat it! and I hope he does. Technology is always getting better and better.

Comment by Jane Christensen on September 8, 2009 at 12:42pm
I wish I had more to offer you but I think John said it all! Our thoughts are with you and Algy !
Comment by John Wolff on September 8, 2009 at 12:30pm
I've never faced something like this, but what's happened has happened, and if you've done everything that you can do, the only thing left to do is accept the inevitable with grace.
What good will worry do? If he is going to die of cancer instead of old age, he is going to die of cancer. Or, you may be blessed with a more pleasant outcome. Either way, you're going to love each other, in sickness or in health.
The history you've created together is far from over. Draw on the strength of all those memories and walk into the future calmly, together.
I feel like such a hypocrite writing like this, because when something happens to Gwynn or Al, I'm gonna fall apart completely.

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