If any of you had a cat before getting a corg pup, what was the method that you used to introduce the new puppy to the cat and what was the outcome like?
Our kitty Sushi is 12yo and has been around dogs before but it's been a couple of years since the last dog so we are very curious to see how she will react.

She has a vet appt set for one week before the dog arrives to make sure she's in perfect health as well as to file her nails.

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Comment by Autumn and Jonathan on February 6, 2014 at 1:22pm

When we had gotten Dodger, after we introduced him to the house and his crate we introduced him to our cat Pumpkin. At first she didn't react and left him alone, but as he got older he started chasing after her and trying to use her as a playmate, however he doesn't realize his own strength and causes her to bat at him and such. They're both of really high energy so we have to separate them quite often. He responds to our basic commands such as "come here," "no," or "leave it be," however it doesn't always stop him from going back to trying to play with our cat. I think as long as you keep working with your pup and monitor how they play together then you should alright. If things seem aggressive or anything then you might want to keep them separately permanently. 

Comment by Denis J. on February 5, 2014 at 1:21pm

We had two cats (brother sister) of 3 years of age when we introduced Wally.   I didn't worry about the cats as they don't have their front claws and they are well established into our family, as the elders... if you will.    Plus if they are uneasy they can just get on the sofa, back of sofa, chairs, or go upstairs / downstairs, where Wally couldn't follow.

So Wally came in, sniffed around, said eye and we played with him to keep his mind on us.    But in his free time he would go see them and get a few swat on the head if he was getting too close.   We crated him at night and he would go to sleep when he realized the cats couldn't get to him.  

Eventually and soon after, the crate came with us in the bedroom.   That was more difficult because the cats would cry to come in the bedroom where they usually sleep with us.   The crying and scratching the door would wake Wally who then was barking.

But that last maybe a few weeks and we didn't have sleepless nights.    So I don't have horror stories to share other than the level of difficulties I expected were met.


Comment by Bev Levy on February 5, 2014 at 7:18am

I keep the puppy leashed until I am sure I can get a response from the pup when I call him if the cat is around. Also let the cat choose the interactions and have safe places from the puppy. I also make sure the cat food and litter is not where the dog can get it.

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