Hi Everyone,

This question is for all owners of mature aged Corgi's. I wont say the old word because Oscar would never forgive me!. Jan 4th Oscar will turn 11 every year @ his annual health check one thing my vet would always check Oscar's eyes and would always comment they were good and no sign of problems!. I would ask as any pet owner would ask what problems were these and I was told corgis sometimes have problems with their eyes which can led to blindness. I cannot remember the term she used. We moved and changed vets and I'm not happy and neither is Oscar so I'm going to return to my old vet!. I asked the vet to check his eyes as my vet had done every year throughout his life. She only glanced and never used the gizmo my other vet used (cant remember what the name of the instrument is).

Paul being medical made a comment the other morning he thinks Oscar is going blind as soon as I heard this I went into a panic the paranoid pet owner that I am!. I stated I will have Oscar to my old vet straight away to have his eyes checked as they had always been done!.

Back on track has anybody who owns an older dog ever experienced eye sight problems with their Corgi's? or had a Corgi go blind?

Some feed back would be good!.

Kind regards

Oscar's Dad


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Comment by Vicky Hay on December 21, 2013 at 11:48am

Cassie isn't all that old yet, though I've heard that eye problems can be an issue and it's something to watch out for. There's something called "progressive retinal atrophy" (PRA), which from what I understand is inherited thru' a recessive gene.

But it isn't the end of the world. My German Shepherd was pretty much blind at the end of her life -- GerSheps are prone to pannus, and since Anna developed every ailment known to GermanSheperdom, naturally she got this, too. Dogs make their way around by hearing and scent as well as sight, and so, as long as the animal is in familiar space (your house, your yard), it may be able to adjust pretty well. I did have to barricade off the pool (which is unfenced), because she couldn't see the edge and would fall in the drink. But otherwise...about the only problems she had were that a new security door in front hinged on the side opposite of what she was used to confused her, and that toward the end she decided the shower stall was the doggy door. That was strange...

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