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After becoming a member on my corgi.com and reading some of the stories of owners and their Corgi's It brings home to me something my Grandfather said to me many year ago dogs are more human than human's!. I agree I've had Oscar for 10 years this month and he is amazing!. They say read your dog they are a good judge of people!. Oscar's nature is more human than canine! he knows if my Partner Paul and I have had a hard day at the office we come home he will along with Sam our rescue dog be waiting at the top of the stairs rear ends going ten to the dozen and smile well he is always smiling!. when you see this it makes the stress of the day melt away!.

I grew up with Corgi's all my life on the Farm in New Zealand my Grandparents being English bred Welsh Pembroke Corgi's I moved to Sydney Australia in 1986 and was unable to have a dog due to work commitments and had 3 Burmese cats!. I lost a very close friend and asked my then Partner Ian one more time could I get a Dog and was surprised when he said yes as for 14 years every year I asked the same question!. Well guess what I was on the internet within 5 minutes researching Pembroke Corgi's and had to wait for Oscar to be born!. I remeber the day we brought him home he looked like a little bear!. Our 3 cats well they got used to him and became a happy household!. Ten years on his loyalty has never wained and he follows Paul and myself around like a shadow! Paul will be in his clinic room at home (therapist) and where is Oscar at his feet by his desk!. Paul will have clients and Oscar sits in on these therapy sessions whether this is a good thing or not the client does not mind!. As the first time Oscar came to Paul's house as a 6 year old dog he always went into the clinic room and would sit by the client and sometimes would jump up on the sofa and snuggle into the person it was if he knew what they were going thru and would try and comfort them. Paul Takes Both dogs to work on the weekends at the hospital and the patients love it and the hospital administration don't object they say it is good therapy for the patients!. Oscar & Sam love the Kitchen staff because they are spoilt rotten much to my protests when I come to Pick Paul and the kids up from work!.

I worry as Oscar is now 10 we have the no docking of tail law in Australia and I'm sorry a Pembroke Corgi looks better without a tail and my vet of 25 years agrees with me my next dog will have to be imported from New Zealand luckily a family relation still Breds Pembroke Corgi's.

I will ask the question what are your thoughts on the no docking of tails law in some countries do you agree ir disagree with it!. let me know your thoughts?


Kind regards,


Brian  & Paul ,Oscar & Sam


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Comment by Jane Christensen on February 24, 2013 at 8:47am

Welcome Brian,Paul,Oscar and Sam! Absolutely Corgis are a great judge of people. I also work in the mental health field, DD field and visit bursing homes as often as possible. Wynn can pick out a person having a "bad" day immediatly. My dogs go to work with me as much as they can and Sage(my TDI Inc. dogs loves the elderly).

As for tails...we LOVE them:) Check out the undocked Pem group:) 

Comment by Brian D Graham on February 23, 2013 at 10:39pm

Hi Teresa Thank you for the wonderful commentsabout Oscar and Paul thanks you for the one on the gardens he has the green fingers I help and the lawn mowing is my job!. Oscar is a gift from God I tell friends he is never grumpy accept when Sam gets a squeaky toy Oscar hates them! he has been like this since a puppy?. Oscar will run around after birds and rabbits in the park with Sam but chase a ball NO!!!! he's got me to do that for him!. We are thinking of selling the big house and moving to acerage we want more land for gardens!. Sam is a Cattle dog cross kelpie he needs to run around on a farm!. In one photo of the garden below Oscar we pulled all the shrubs out and planted 32 rose bushes in memory of Alex our live in cook who sadly passed away last year to renal failure Paul looked after him for 10 years!. Paul's has a Registered Nursing background and works in mental health. Gardening is his release valve!.

Comment by Teresa Gilpin on February 23, 2013 at 9:34pm

You have such a beautiful corgi, (and garden).  Although, I think corgis are better then humans.  They seem to always be so happy and are so ready to have fun!!!!  My corgis always have a smile and are so happy to play fetch or just sit quietly!  Corgis are GREAT!

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