So I was running late for an important meeting and HAD to get in the shower.  I always crate Johann when I'm in the shower- but I just didn't have time.  He was sitting in the hall chewing on a toy or shoe... It didn't matter to me I just had to get going.


About seven minutes later, I emerged from the bathroom and he was gone.  Not in the hall. I ran downstairs thinking he may be in the kitchen trying to get to the cat food. Not there either.  The doors were locked- he couldn't be outside.  


I look in all of his favorite hideouts... under Dad's chair, between the couch and ottoman, under the dining room table, on his oversized dog bed.  Not there.  I am REALLY late now.  I HAVE to go to my room to get dressed and worry about him later.  I run upstairs and into my room to get ready.


Tears welled in my eyes; I was so frustrated about being late and not being able to find Johann.  Nobody else was home to make sure that he was O.K.  But I really had to get going.  


As I was applying a quick coat of mascara- I heard a long, drawn-out "SQUUUEEEEAAAKKK"... just like the one his stuffed hedgehog makes. I stopped and looked for the source of the sound.  I bent down and looked into Johann's wire crate... And there he was!!!!! 

More relieved than ever, I squealed "GOOOOOD BOYYYY!!!" then proceeded to give him a handful of his favorite treats.  I have never been more pleased with him. 


I don't know of any other dogs who know to go in their crate while you're in the shower...  But it looks like corgis do! :)



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Comment by Melinda (Penny's Mom) on September 28, 2011 at 10:49am
Penny knows that she goes in her crate when I leave for work.  She is in her crate and waiting for her treat before I get downstairs...they are such smart dogs!
Comment by Lori Odishoo on May 7, 2011 at 8:16pm
Aussie's are great dogs.  I don't think I will ever own anything but a herding breed dog.  They are so smart and loyal.  Johann is adorable BTW!!!
Comment by Pamela and Schatzi on May 7, 2011 at 8:10pm
aaaawwwww that is so sweet!!!! I never crated Schatzi, just put her in the bedroom behind a baby gate when I had to shower, and even after I stopped doing that, she'd still go to her bed in the room and lie down...or wait outside the bathroom door :) corgis are the best!
Comment by Jessica & Johann on May 7, 2011 at 6:49pm
what a smart girl!! I would like to have an A.S. someday.. the ones I have worked with are very gentle and easy going.  herders are by far my favorite dogs :)
Comment by Lori Odishoo on May 7, 2011 at 6:44pm
I used to be a volunteer firefighter and my first dog (an Aussie Shepherd) would go into her crate when she heard the pager for my fire department go off.  I never taught her that, she just learned on her own that when she heard those sounds she had to be go into her crate.  She was such a good girl!

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