I need some advice... My husband and I brought Lola to my parents house for the weekend to visit. They have a Tibetan Terrier (about the same size as a Corgi, just a bit taller) female that is 12 years old and very friendly named Madison. We were trying to figure out how to introduce the two without any issues. Lola's been so calm with other dogs at the park and with humans I didn't think there would be an issue... I was really wrong.

Any time Madison gets within 5 feet of Lola (she just wants to play), Lola will growl and bare her teeth pretty violently... we ended up putting her crate in our room with us and she's been OK, but that's not fair to her to be crated away from everyone else. We moved her crate into the family room today and Madison, curious as always, wandered up to Lola in her crate. Lola lashed out and had she not been in her crate, would have probably attacked and hurt Madison badly. It was really scary. We're trying to not traumatize either dog, but I'm not sure we can bring Lola back again if she's going to be like this. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice as to how to introduce the two of them where Lola doesn't want to rip Madison's head off? :( I've never seen this side of her or had a pet act this way around anyone before. They are both spayed females (Lola is 6 and Madison is 12). Thanks!

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Comment by Megan, Lola, & Hank on November 12, 2012 at 1:20pm
we were definitely leashed in the house when the problem happened. I just get off work so late and we decided to come in late that same night. We did everything right it sounds like except for meeting by the door instead of outside. We will try that next time and hope they get along better.
Comment by Bev Levy on November 11, 2012 at 5:14pm

Always take a nice long walk, not too close when introducing dogs to each other. It is usually not a good idea to meet at one of the dog's home as it can cause territory issues. It is also a good idea to keep everyone leashed in the house at first so you can control the situation.

Comment by Megan, Lola, & Hank on November 11, 2012 at 2:50pm
that does help a lot! Even if only to reassure me that it's normal... I just hadn't experienced that sort of reaction out of her before. We just didn't want to have to isolate her all day, but have tried to keep one out and one in their separate room to give attention to both. We don't want Lola to pee on anything to "mark territory" because we don't want to cause any additional issues for my parents when we leave. I think she'll stay at home on any additional trips here though and get a dog sitter.
Comment by Steph Bussema on November 11, 2012 at 2:17pm

My (spayed) female corgi does not like other female dogs.  She usually tolerates them if she meets them outside, but inside is another story.  She never actually bites them, but she does snarl and snap at them.  She loves to play with male dogs though.  I would try introducing them outside, and try taking them on a walk together.  Then they can be around each other but not face to face.  Even if that helps, though, you should always watch them closely and separate them every so often to give them a break.  If Lola is in her crate, put her in a room Madison cannot get into.  When a dog is locked in a crate and another dog approaches, the confined dog can feel very vulnerable because they can't escape.  That may cause them to lash out.  Good luck.

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