Morgana is TROUBLE! from the day we brought her home, she was into EVERYTHING. Heck, within her first hour of being home she knocked over the trash can, chased the cats onto the fridge, and tried to play tug of war with a pillow. I can't honestly say she has calmed down at all, she is just as much of a spitfire today! Our latest Morgana Mayhem involved her taking a shower.


It was raining a few weeks ago, and the corgi's decided it was a prime time to go roll around in the back yard. they then tried to run back INTO the house, covered from head to toe in mud. Well, we wrangled the mud monsters up, and corralled them into the bathroom. My fiancée takes merlin into the shower, no problem. I have no idea WHAT Morgana was thinking, but she decided to jump in after them. once she was in, she was surprised to find there was water, and tried to escape. so she jumps OUT of the tub, taking down the entire shower curtain with her, and flinging mud everywhere. I was giggling, but Kyle did not find it quite as funny.


Hopefully she mellows out some, but even if she doesn't i sure don't mind!  She loves to tackle out basset hound- for some reason, she thinks her long ears are toys to be pulled. Naturally, Freyja (the basset) is not so thrilled about this. Thankfully she is very tolerant of puppy antics, and normally plays back with her. Cassandra, our calico cat, feels quite differently.


Cassie hates Morgana. not dislike, HATE. Morgana once grabbed cassandra's tail, and tried to pull her out form under the couch. ever since then, its been ww3 whenever they are in the same room. Morgana chases, cassandra hisses, and climbs as high as she can. It's like a sick game of tag- but no one wins, and eventually either something breaks, or someone gets hurt. Cassie wins, 9/10, by puffing up and dive bombing Morgana. she seriously will position herself up high, either on the shelf or the fridge. just as morgana walks past- BAM! Cassandra scares the heck out of her, and she comes whimpering back to the humans. I dont think their relationship will ever be mended.

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Comment by christy fry on October 30, 2011 at 9:15pm

my corgi's can get a little pushy with my 12 yr old kitty and the only thing standing between them is me. Like Bev said the only opinion that matters is mine =) but none the less after Cole passes he'll be the last kitty because of the corgi's =(


Comment by Bev Levy on October 30, 2011 at 8:58pm
I never allow chasing the cat unless the cat starts it. As puppies, mine learned early that a cat chase would result in being leashed in the house to me for awhile. They learn pretty fast! One of the cats I have now actually likes a good chase so I try not to intervene but if it gets out of hand (my opinion is the only one that counts) I say NO and if it doesn't stop the leash appears. The crazy puppy stage is cute but can develop into a dog you can not live with so it is better to enforce the rules.
Comment by Chris and Andrew on October 30, 2011 at 6:03pm
It sounds like Morgana is handful :-) but I can't help but smiling while I was reading your post. Such a cute puppy she is!!
Comment by Gromit, Sparkle, and Doug on October 30, 2011 at 5:24pm
Sounds like Morgana is enjoying life!  No doubt yours will never be dull with her around.  Go, Morgana!

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