Monty and I are settling into our new home, a townhouse in northern virginia. It was a little crazy for Monty but he is definitely getting used to the new digs and my new roommate has showered him with lots of massages. We also have lots of new trails to explore.

We will also have a new schedule as I am now very close to work. Now three days a week instead of going to daycare while I am at the office he will be staying at home with lunch visits from me. I get to work from home on Monday and Fridays. I am a little nervous about the changes but I know other dogs are left all the time. Anyone have any tips or tricks?

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Comment by Monty'sMom on August 31, 2010 at 10:50am
oops didn't have my computer hooked up until today and just saw these posts. I have left him loose this morning so I will see how he does when I get home for the lunch walk. He had two walks this morning including a nice squirrel chase and has lots of toys though I think he will sleep most of the time. I did block off the entrance to my roommates space but hoping he is being a good boy elsewhere! I am sure it is harder on me than him...I think we are going to check out the dog park tonight to get him some doggie time.
Comment by Michelle on August 30, 2010 at 2:54pm
Putting up the gate is a good idea particularly to begin with. If that is not possible crate him....he will be fine just make sure you take him out to potty first. After an adjustment period you will likely be able to leave him loose!! I think it is super cool that you will be with him Monday and Friday!!!
Comment by Kevin and Buddy! on August 30, 2010 at 2:11pm
We also live in nothern VA. Whenever we have to leave Buddy home for an extended amount of time we just gate off the kitchen. It is a pretty decent size so he has room to roam around and stretch out. Leave out some water and some toys and he should be fine. Just make sure you put away anything that could hurt Monty!

Good luck!

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