As for pictures, I don't have any...but don't fret I will soon.

2 days of running, both times anywhere from 4 to 6 hour spans.

Jazmin came out with a ton of new friends, learned a few new tricks, and made out well.

Lets start with the free stuff
6 new tennis balls, 4 of which are AirKong balls
1 new dog doy
2  Mardi gras beads which she proudly wore through the show.

2 frisbee's which aren't the highest quality.

Way, Way more dog treats then I can even begin to count.

Tons of professional photo's, I'll explain that one below.

Couple of bags of sample food.


Ok, with that being said, the costly stuff.

2 Rubber pull reducing leashes, one short and one long.

1 new Harness, which she loves.

1 wonderful herbal solution for bugs and stress reduction ( 2 bottles in the package, as well as some jasmine pouches).

1 bag of training treats ( necessity buy, she was being fantastic).

1 new 12 squeaker no stuffing raccoon toy, no stuffing seems to work the best, but are so hard to find.

1 Lighted dog collar hanging orb for when we go camping.

1 Furminator, and as a bonus helped out a rescue league.

1 Tick-off tick removal key

1 Tart reduction pack, includes tooth paste and mouth wash. Also a tooth brush.


Ok, thats about it, I'm sure I'm missing something. As for the pictures, met up with a professional photographer and he loved her. So lots of pictures were taken of a rescue dog playing with her. He even took one of the famous corgi bum which I found interesting that he called it an ( abstract shot) lol. He is supposed to send them to me via mail, I know that he is having here soon a photo session and may pay to have her photos professionally done only because of how well he did work with her.

I know I'm pretty well zonked out after this ordeal, been running for 2 days straight now and ready to just collapse. Jazmin has learned to sit when meeting someone, to lay down, to sit reliably and to keep attention and focus on me ( or who has the food). She will now stay by me without many issues and walk without too many issues. Half of it is conditioning, a lot of it in a short period of time..but for those of you'll whom use collars, there was an immediate difference when she got her harness on. I could tell it was a moment of freedom and appreciation, and she pulls far less then I had originally thought would happen.

So were both home, both ready to pass out which I'm going to do shortly here in a moment. I know Jazmin had a great time, tons of lovings from everyone and even helped promote getting I know one rescue dog a new home. She was very, very well behaved with kids and elderly. I'm very honestly impressed with her performance this time around. 

Anyways, good night...I will be back up in an hour or so.



Don and crew


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Comment by Don on March 20, 2011 at 3:22am

Thank you...I promise I'll get those pictures as soon as possible. She was still asleep when I went to work, I do believe that she is all sorts of tuckered out.

I know she is learning to work that cuteness, especially the roll over and rub my belly gets the most attention.

Yah, in the end she was laying down because she was tired....imagine that actually tired. I personally didn't think it would happen myself.

Comment by Natalie, Lance &Tucker on March 19, 2011 at 9:57pm

oops, didnt realize my daughter was signed into mycorgi on her account, I just thought it was me who was logged into, so just so you know that comment down below is actaully from Natalie and Lance. 


Kristin is my daughter and also has an account with Lance and Tucker. 

Comment by Lance, Tucker & Kristin on March 19, 2011 at 9:52pm

Sounds like you had an amazing day!  When I read the first few words that said no pics, I was disappointed, but not for long, as I finished reading the whole sentence.  Looking forward to seeing all the pics, how cool Jazmin was also able to get pictures by a professional photographer!  :)

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