We got Tucker in March - and he is 15 months old now. He has become a much more confident well-behaved dog over the past 6 months. He used to mark (inside and out), freak out when there were loud noises, make a scene at the vet, not even go outside in the yard without me coming, etc. He definitely wasn't all that confident or independent but yesterday I realized just how much progress he has made.

We started the day at the vet, he got examined, got a shot and got his nails clipped without a peep and without trying to escape the table! I figured that since he was in a brave and cooperative mood I would give him a bath. Well he didn't even try to climb out of the tub - and he let us dry him with the hair dryer! Later in the day we drove into Philly to walk around a bit and have dinner- we decided to bring Tucker with us. He has never been in the city before - just around our town. We ended up in a really bad thunderstorm on the drive and we had to wait it out for a while in the car - the rain was pounding on the car and the thunder was loud and Tucker had his normal smile plastered to his face the whole time- no fear at all. When it finally calmed down we walked around for about an hour and went to a little market - Tucker strutted around like he owned the place and enjoyed all the attention from everyone. He got a lot of it! We ate dinner at a great restaurant and had a sidewalk table - and Tucker just sat under the table people watching the whole time.

His accidents have stopped, he goes out in the yard on his own with no problems ( I always watch at the door though because I don't want anyone to take him!), he has gotten much better at the basic sit, down, stay, come commands and has learned some fun ones - high five is his favorite. I am proud of our corgi boy - he is growing up nicely!

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Comment by Boo Buchheit on August 30, 2009 at 3:13pm
Good boy, tucker.
Comment by Corgi lover! (Misty) on August 30, 2009 at 2:21pm
That's great!! Congratulations!!! Tucker has grown up to be quite a little gentleman! Can he teach Chesney how to be a little lady? LOL She's stubborn!!
Comment by Nicola Porter on August 30, 2009 at 1:54pm
Lo was one in July and I am just glad he doesn't pee and poop in the house as much. Good job mummy and daddy and Tucker may LO grow up a little more.
Comment by Bev Levy on August 30, 2009 at 1:44pm
You should be proud parents! You have a beautiful boy and you have weathered the first year with style!

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