I went to my pet store today where a vet works I discussed the tick problem with her she told me to get Oscar off frontline plus ASAP and put him on Advantix for dogs it seems strange that it only happens to Oscar and not Sam?. though Oscar is lower to the ground than Sam & sticks his snout into things more?. she also advised a flea and tick rinse which I can dab on the tick or rinse him with the solution with water. I only ever needed to frontline the dogs once a month now I going to do it fortnightly!. has anybody heard of these organic flea and tick collars? are they effective?. the vet told me not to use a normal flea and tick collar so I'm now really worried and slightly paranoid as in Oscar's 10 years 8 months he has never had this problem and to see him go thru this upsets me more than it does him!. I read about this Lyme disease all the time on here we don't have that issue here in Australia?.

Any advise to my above predicament?.



Oscar & Sam's Dad Brian

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Comment by Melissa and Franklin! on August 17, 2013 at 3:14pm

Use whatever is recommended by your vet. They know what the fleas/ticks in the area are most responsive to. I know places where Frontline works great and other places where it doesn't work at all. Seems small populations of ticks are more susceptible to certain products. I am using the Seresto collar at the advice of my vet and many of my vet tech friends from around the country. No major reported side effects from this product yet like there have been from other products. Its safe around cats too so that's one reason why I chose it over Advantix (my youngest cat and Franklin are best buds and I don't want to risk her licking it off of him). But overall your vet will know. You can even call a couple other vets too and see what they recommend. 

My brother had a HUGE tick problem, his dogs were on Frontline and it wasn't working at all. He put them on Advantix and never saw a tick again. Shortly after he also let his chickens run loose in the yard instead of cooped in a smaller area and they kept the tick population way down. 

Comment by aronna welsh on August 17, 2013 at 11:39am

 I don't know about  your living area but if you have a yard and it is allowed put Guinea fowl loose in the yard. Guinea fowl, they consume mass quantities of ticks. Just 2 birds can clear 2 acres in a single year. They will the bugs in the garden. 

Comment by Donna and Lilly on August 17, 2013 at 11:24am

I live in Tennessee and last year we had a flea problem, we also always have ticks here, and for some reason the Frontline Plus was not working.  So I switched to Advantix 2 and it seems to do the trick.  I treat them once a month and it seems that I find the occasional tick when its time to apply the Advantix again.  I also get the Advantix from Dr Foster and Smith, as it is the cheapest around.  I will also treat the yard.  That seems to really help! 

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