So this post is to all the single people out there. I am just newly single and kept my baby, Monty in the breakup. I am not ready to date yet but I am starting to realize that I might have a problem when I do. Monty is a total momma's boy and is getting more and more protective of me. I am going to work on this with a behaviorist because if there is another man in the house (friend, landlord) and talking to me he starts barking like mad. He is also protective of me with other dogs. We were at a picnic the other day where he was an angel all day but then one of the other dogs there came near me as Monty was sitting by my feet and he freaked out on the dog. Didn't bite him but definitely had me worried.

Ok and the big embarrassing question is about where Monty sleeps. He started sleeping on the bed at about 6 months. The bed high so I have to pick him up to get on and off the bed but I am thinking of getting a ramp. Of course I love my snuggle buddy but I am thinking of trying to teach him to sleep on his bed on the floor or in a crate again. One reason is that I have to travel a lot this fall for work and my dad might be watching him for some of the trips but couldn't have the dog on the bed with him. Has anyone tried this? Of course it might be harder to train me versus the dog but in the long run it might be better for him.

Thanks for any advice!

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Comment by Beauty and the Beast on July 8, 2009 at 12:41pm
It seems like Monty is trying to show everyone that you belong to him and him only. Try to be more assertive with him and have him do what YOU want instead of you doing what HE wants. As soon as he realizes that you're boss and can take care of things and him he'll back up. Also, if you're trying to teach him sleep on his bed do not get a ramp! Be prepared that he'll whine the first night and try to get on the bed, but try to ignore him. Give him a treat when he's behaving himself or any time that he goes to his bed on his own.
Shiro was very bossy and independend the first 2 weeks that we had him, trying to get on the couch all the time and barking at us. He also was extremely annoying at mealtimes. Of course, it will be more difficult to re-train an older dog, but it's possible. Good luck!
Comment by Beth on July 7, 2009 at 9:53pm
Possessive is correct! Your little Monty is resource guarding, the way he would with a favorite toy or food, and you are his resource! It's so easy to allow this to happen, especially if the dog tends to be a bit dominant and you are understandably going through a stressful and probably emotional time.

It's wonderful you're working with a behaviorist. You can start laying a good foundation by doing some basic obedience training, and maybe practicing the "nothing in life is free" philosophy: whenever you are about to do something for Monty, make him do something for you first. Before he gets fed, he must sit. Before you toss the ball, he must lie down. Before he gets affection, he must do a sit-stay. He can jump on the bed, but not til you invite him. Etc. If you google "nothing in life is free" you will get lots of hits.

Monty senses things have changed and has decided to kind of take over a bit, which is pretty common. But it sounds like you are on the right track, and I'm sure with your behaviorist you'll get it straightened out. He's very handsome, by the way!
Comment by Julia on July 7, 2009 at 9:44pm
My beagle knew my partner-to-be since he was a brand new pup. Several years later my partner moved into our house. While he was asleep, the beagle jumped up and peed on him! It was hilarious. That was the last commentary we heard from the beagle, and he continued to sleep in our bed. (The dog, I mean.)
Comment by Cindi on July 7, 2009 at 9:31pm
LOL! I get so tickled when folks use "protective." It's "possessive." When dogs are babied and not given the training and socialization they need, they stick like glue. Gosh, I see it all the time. What happens is when one hits a crisis (i.e. divorce, separation, illness, etc.) their personal energy comes across as weak. We coddle (and I"m so guilty, too!) them and they become possessive of us.

You'll need to decide what you'll accept. If you want to create a social life, Monty will have to get used to his new role in your life. If you need help establishing ground rules, do seek out a good behaviorist to help you along. I've worked with a number of owners who have dealt with this. Enforce your rules and you'll be fine! And if you want to chat about it, drop me a line.
Comment by Sam on July 7, 2009 at 4:00pm
Just remind him who is boss and that should help with his protectiveness. I'm a single guy after the first year and a half of Ein's life being with both myself and my ex. Different things deffinitely do arise that you realize might have been provided or denied by the other person but I doubt it is anything that you won't be able to handle.
Comment by Shayleigh's mom on July 7, 2009 at 3:36pm
I'm also a recently singled gal who kept the Corgi in the breakup. I say treat the dog like you would a child when introducing him to a new person. You need to introduce the dog to the new person slowly and I'd avoid letting him get too attached until things are serious. As for the sleeping situation, I let my dog sleep with me as well. When she has to stay with people other than me she if fine with sleeping in her kennel so I've never had a problem w/ that. I would say that if Monty has a problem sleeping in the kennel you may want to get him more accustomed to it just so things are easier for your dad, but if you are happy with him sleeping in your bed I wouldn't kick him out totally.

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