Oscar used to be very good about being quiet in his bed in the morning until we came to take him out. He would let us sleep in on the weekends and wouldn't make a peep. Lately this has not been the case. Oscar is up every morning seemingly with the sun. Normal 8am but sometimes as early as 6!! I work 11am-8pm and my boyfriend normally closes his store getting home after 1am. Needless to say we are not morning people. We have been exercising him just as much one nice long walk a day and sometimes a good romp in grandma's or the neighbors' yard with the kids. I find him taking puppy naps throughout the day if we are home all day together. Oscar will wake me in the morning we will go outside, then he eats some breakfast. Most times I try to get another hour or so sleep on the couch while he plays with the cats, eats breakfast and plays with his toys. For example today he was kind and although we were up at 7 he let me sleep on the couch till 10am. Mind you this was the morning after July 4th(I was not in bed early haha). Other days though he does not want to hear it, if he is up he wants me up so that we can play. The funniest part is he will bark and wake me and then as soon as I am wake an functioning he will just lay down at my feet and rest. Ughh. I am not sure if it is the change in the season or if his schedule is still off from when he was in the hospital or even if it has something to do with his medicine but it is like he is a different dog when it comes to his sleep schedule.

Another difference is he has discovered he has a voice. He will bark about almost anything. He wants to play, he wants the people next door to not be in their yard without his permission. He wants the food I am eating. I have tried to teach him quiet by treating him when he stops barking but so far it has not worked 100%. He knows what I want him to go but he also knows that when he barks I pay attention. Right now the little sucker is asleep on "his couch" which means that he will be up bright and early tomorrow.

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Comment by Melissa on July 6, 2009 at 10:09pm
Oscar is a little over a year so that would make sense that he was started to get into a schedule(I just wish it would start later in the morning haha). I am going to try the spray bottle method as I have read that a lot of corgi owners have had success with it. I hope it works for barking and chewing. He is obsessed with our computer chair and gnaws at it every chance he gets. Oscar loves to sleep in bed also but he also loves to jump off the bed and find trouble in the bedroom be it chewing on my clothes or finding all lint possible. Also he can find dryer sheets where ever and whenever he tries to its a talent of his.
Comment by Bev Levy on July 6, 2009 at 10:46am
Sparty used to wake us up early mostly because he was hungry (nothing new). After my husband talked me into letting the dogs sleep in bed with us I noticed he is very quiet until I get up. I think he is just so happy to be in bed with me he will happily let me sleep!
Comment by DR, Nala & Simon on July 6, 2009 at 10:07am
Nala had been consistently waking me up with a loud "arooo" every day at 6am too. I call her my "organic waking alarm". I take her and Cosmo out to do business, and feed them. They both are pretty quick and in 15 mins we all are in bed until 7:30, when our "real" day starts. Somedays are difficult, and some days are easier to do it. But I preffer to get over with it.

And yes, it's amazing how much they will sleep during the rest of the day. How old is Oscar? He might be starting to make a routine. Which at least will help you both to go around the day.

About the barking, use a spray bottle and squirt on his face, using the command "quiet". It will take (as everything with a corgi), several tries, but he will get it. Also use it with "off" or "away", if the begging for food while you eat bothers you. Good luck.

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