This really doesn't have much to do with corgis, but I felt like writing something today.

We will be able to move into the house we are buying in probably around 2 weeks!  This is so exciting, since I decided no puppy until we have the house and a fenced in area.  The first project will be a deck out back looking toward the woods, then we will get some sort of small decorative fence for part of the yard. 

Need to make sure we have plenty of money before we actually get the puppy, so we may have to wait until early next year.  That way, we will get our honeymoon out of the way and won't have to find someone to watch both Scout and a new puppy.  Our families don't mind Scout b/c she is awesome and well behaved and loves everyone, but I don't want to make anyone watch a puppy and miss out on a whole week of puppy time.

We decided we will save money with the wedding and get married out by a lake close to our town. This means we will save over $4000 since the meal at reception is free (Jeremy's friend's dad is making pulled pork) and we no longer have to pay $1100 for the big nice Event Center in town. Everyone who wants to stay overnight can stay in cabins by the lake (there's several places for renting them) and some of the cabins are pet-friendly!  So Scout can be there, too :)

Wishing everyone a good week at work, home, or wherever.

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Comment by Miranda~ Moses | Maya | Maverick on April 29, 2012 at 6:17pm

Very exciting in all aspects! New house, new projects, marriage! Honeymoon! PUPPY!!

We bought our house last December. The search process started in July, found our home Mid-August, and it took almost 4 months for everything to be finalized. It was probably the least-desirable house to try to get [HUD owned, processed by a sub-division company with ill-trained employees, manufactured, Government Seizure, etc.], but it was so worth it. Hopefully you DO get to move in on your projected date.

Our house is on acreage with lush greenery.. perfect for a backyard wedding! Many of our friends have gotten married recently and the locations have been great, but EXPENSIVE! You two are very wise to avoid an event center. And having a friend make the meal? Genius! We will be having a pot-luck-like wedding... "bring a dish instead of a gift" and have a wedding "registry" with entree, appetizer, dessert, utensils, etc. listed. Seems more personal when you have people involved, rather than pay an arm and a leg for a professional.

I also wonder if Scout will get a bow tie, or a tuxedo doggie t-shirt? Will he be involved in the ceremony in any way? In our future wedding, we will have each groomsmen walk one of our dogs down the aisle [we are getting our third in a couple months and have three couples in mind for our wedding party. If we get a fourth, we better start making some new friends, or get married sooner! ;-P].

You should make a Puppy Fund jar and put a bit of money in it every week. Even if it's just like $10, you'll have $520 in a year, which probably wont cover everything, but can make a big difference. Maybe register for Target / WalMart / Kmart / etc. gift cards for your wedding as an afterthought item; you can get toys and supplies there [even just cleaning and throw-away toys] if you don't end up needing them for new-home items.

Excited to hear updates! Keep us posted!!

Comment by Marah and Thomas Baker on April 29, 2012 at 4:34pm
Getting married! How exciting! Will scout get a bow tie for the event? :)

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