Well I've officially had Zorro for three days now and he is just wonderful! There are the normal puppy problems, but other than that he is such a great dog! The first night when we initially put him in his cage he didn't cry, then woke us up at 2:30am. I brought him outside to go potty and when I tried to put him back in his kennel he started crying. I let him out and he fell asleep on the floor next to me and then I put him in his kennel and he whined a little bit, then went to sleep. The second night we weren't so lucky. He started crying super loud when we put him in and were starting to get stressed out. After shuffling around and trying him in a different room (which just made it worse) we stuck it out and after about half an hour he stopped. Last night he didn't make a peep and finally made it the whole night, or at least until 5am! I've started feeding him in his kennel (with the door open), so hopefully he associates it with good things. 

   He hasn't pooped in the house once, he seems to understand to go outside. However, I'm having a problem with him peeing. Whenever I bring him outside he pees, but just a little bit. It's like he's peeing just enough to take the edge off of having to go. Then I bring him in and after a little bit he will pee in the house. It's never a lot, but it's frustrating because I take him out after every single nap, after he eats, when he's smelling around. One good thing is he isn't picky about choosing a spot. Pretty much soon as I set him down he pees, which is nice at three in the morning. Yesterday I purchased some jingle bells and put them on twine. Joe and I have started hitting them with his paw whenever we take him out so hopefully he picks up on that soon as well! 

   Yesterday Joe and I took Zorro to his first vet appointment! We took estimations on how much he weighs. I said 4.2 lb, Joe said 3.5 lb. my mom guessed 3.2 lb. and a random lady who was picking up her lab said 5 lb. Well, he was a whooping 5.4 lb.! I should have known, my wrist is beginning to hurt from picking him up! I can't wait until he can go up and down our deck stairs haha. Zorro did so well at his first appointment. We have him his second set of puppy shots (which didn't even faze him), had him checked over. 

   As much as I want to socialize Zorro with other dogs, I've realized I'm a worry wart and get SO nervous when he's around any dogs bigger than him! I introduced him to my miniature dachshund, Reggie, at my parent's. Reggie has always been a good boy with me, but he has killed rabbits before. Soon as we held them up to each other Reggie just licked Zorro in the face then wanted to get in my arms and give me kisses! Zorro didn't know what to do at first and after letting them on the ground for a while he started wanting to play. Then when I brought him to the vet there was a HUGE German Shepherd who seemed very nice. Walked up to me, tail wouldn't stop wagging, but I knew if he wanted to he could eat Zorro in one bite. Also, I didn't know this dog at all so I just kept Zorro in my arms. Tonight I'm bring Zorro to a cookout at at friend's house who has a bunch of cats and dogs so hopefully he'll be able to play with them :)

   Other than that I've been working on sit, down, and playing fetch. He knows sit for sure and finally laid down on his own without me pushing him this morning! Once I get the basics down (sit, down, stay, come) I definitely want to work on more tricks. I just have to remember to be consistent. We're also constantly working on leave it! He wants to put his mouth around everything and insists on chewing on things such as the couch and our fingers. I'm taking the approach of saying leave it and stuffing a toy in his mouth. I think it's working, he's definitely not as bad as the first day. Any advice on that would be greatly appreciated! 

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Comment by aronna welsh on June 15, 2012 at 5:38pm

your new baby is so cute. good luck and lots of puppy love to you. my butters always pees a little to take the edge off when he first goes out. but i have to wait until i see that long relaxing pee before we come in.

Comment by Juno on June 15, 2012 at 12:51pm

Awesome to hear that Zorro is is doing so well. I remember when I first took Juno home and was writing about what you're writing of here....and now I've had Juno for a month! :) Do you treat him outside after he pees? I'd do that.  Anytime he has an accident inside, right away distract him if you see him in the process or even if he's finished, take him outside right away just so he knows it's supposed to be outside. If Zorro chews on your fingers..say ouch, or yelp and put him down and take all the attention you were giving away. Once he settles...try again...he'll learn not to play bite(i also played w/ Juno's mouth a lot..i put my hand in there and if it hurts i'll say ouch even if it's the tiniest bit of pressure..Zorror will learn) Leave it is a hard command....if Zorro leaves it after you tell him to, I'd give him a treat. I tried doing leave it w/ a tennis ball w/ Juno once he fetches it. I've also tried treats sitting in front of him and i tell him to leave it until i say "OK" which is my release word to allow him to get it. You should create a "release" word/command that lets your dog know when it's ok. Even with Juno's feeding...i put the bowl down and he has to look at me...when i say ok, he gets the bowl. If he runs to it before i pull him away from it and make him wait again.

Hope that helped? i'm still learning. :)

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