Zorro and I have been so busy lately! I'm housesitting from this past Sunday until Thursday. The woman I'm housesitting for has two Golden Retrievers. So far nobody has been hurt, but one of the Goldens is about a year old and so rambunctious and just wont leave Zorro alone! It scares me he will hurt him on accident so I'm constantly on guard. Today we woke up, did the feedings, drove 30 minutes to get home, had lunch. After lunch Joe and I decided to bring Zorro to a local ice cream place that serves outside. Everybody thought he was just adorable, Zorro not Joe haha. After ice cream we went to Petco, I've always wanted to bring a dog to Petco! We did have to buy nail clippers as well. The employees and everyone there wanted to pet Zorro. The dog trainer was at us in a second telling us when their classes are and what not. The cashier even gave Zorro some free biscotti treats. After that we went home to relax for a while, then I took Zorro to a friends to help her with college math homework. Zorro just amazes me, he adapts so well to any situation! In the truck he just lays down in the passenger seat and is good to go. At a new house he makes himself comfortable and usually sleeps at my feet. Unlike with Joe and I, Zorro doesn't mouth children or strangers. Now I just need to find some cats to get him used to! Sounds like I'm dog sitting for another dog Thursday night so Zorro will have yet another playmate. 

   I've started Zorro on some antibiotics because I think he has a urinary tract infection because he pees every single hour regardless of where he is, but he has never pooped inside. So hopefully this will help our potty training. I know it is unique to every puppy how long it takes to potty train them, but how long did it take yours?? It's just exhausting sometimes :( On a positive note, he's doing better in his crate! He doesn't cry at night, usually we get him all tuckered out first though. Hopefully the next two days will proceed as smoothly as possible :)

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