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At 6:17pm on April 13, 2015, Carol said…

just received her Doggles today-after the PO misplaced the tracked mail.  So far she seems to like them, only been a couple hrs, maybe because she is now off leash.  She has figured out to roll over and can push them off that way.  We'll see how they work out, they can be returned if she refuses to wear them.  I got the medium and had to adjust them smaller, there's quite a bit of room to do that.  However the bridge part seems too large for her nose, her only smallish feature.  She has a recheck @ vet tomorrow, so she can show them off-he's originally suggested them.

At 9:06am on April 1, 2015, Carol said…

Thank you for the info.  I talked to Baxterboo, who carries them and first they said medium and then small, then suggested to order both and return whichever doesn't fit.  Even if she doesn't like them, using them rather than a cone, which she doesn't seem to mind although she can't pick her ball up. I did have to raise her dishes.

I have had such different opinions on the causes and crazy as it sounds, I think my vet was correct and the optomologist was wrong. She has seen both vets in her regular office, the ER vet and their optomogist!

Her RX eye drops are the Neosporin-like drops(Tobramycin Ophtalmic) and the second time she was put on Rimadyl which is an anti inflammatory the 3rd time she was pretty miserable so added Tramadol, which is more of a pain med and makes her tired.

My springer that I recently lost, had an eye issue, don't remember now what it was but there was an ointment that I had to put in her eye-which was harder than drops.  She'd also get an irritation next to her eye and the vet had told me to use Neosporin on that, the small amount that might get into her eye wouldn't hurt.

A lot of times my vet will recommend human OTC in the appropriate dose-with my previous dogs-I haven't had her that long and this has been my only medical issue-but he has prescribed people meds for diarrhea, upset tummy, allergies and I had one who would get car sick, so motion sickness med, also plain old aspirin.

Anyway-the doggles I wanted was the chrome, which are black and tan and have smoked lenses.  We also walk early in the morning so walking east-I don't know if that bothers her or not.  I myself hate wearing sunglasses-probably will regret one of these days.

Anyway, I was wondering whether they'd keep them on, of course they said yes, but also said if she wouldn't I could return them.

Anyway-thank you for the info  :)

At 7:09pm on March 30, 2015, Carol said…

Hi John,

Jane said your dogs wear goggles.  My vet just suggested after her last eye injury.  I had looked at some online but not sure what size-sm or med. She's a Pembroke.  And do they wear them-keep them on.?  They're out of the colors I'd choose, so have a week or 2 to get some feedback.

Your photos are awesome!!

Thanks much, Carol

At 1:47am on March 5, 2015, Rebecca M. said…

Hi John,

Thanks for the corgi-hiking advice.  Since I don't know anyone else who hikes and climbs with corgis, I hope it's okay if I occassionally ask you for advice.  I saw Gwynnie and Al's Chillybuddy vest, and I plan on getting Timber one as soon as I'm sure he's done growing.  He's six months old now.  I have noticed that his black fur gets hot on sunny days (even when it's 30 degrees out), but I had never heard of the Chillybuddy vest until I saw your photos. Timber will be the coolest dog in Anchorage once he gets one!

Our normal walk is a 3-mile loop on the cross-country ski trails in town.  (Alaska's winter has been so pathetic this year, that they haven't even bothered grooming all the trails in town.)  The loop is hilly, but generally wide and even.  Timber loves it, and has no problem with the distance.  I've started trialing longer hikes, but sticking strictly to minimal elevation gain hikes.  I'm not planning on starting him on mountains until his second summer, when he'll be 1.5-2 years old.  Does this sound like a reasonable plan?  I would hate myself if I caused him any injuries now that would impair his ability to hike long distances and climb mountains as an adult.  I'd love to hear more about how you started Gwynnie and Al into being such pioneering spirits for their breed!

At 2:14pm on August 12, 2014, Lucy & Ricky (Wendy/Jack ) said…

PS John. I got a kick learning that you have a 3 mo old tri named Butters. That was RR's name when we rescued him. He was hardly a Butters, or Rafa, it seems. He never answered to Rafa, so Ricky's it is, now. Tho' occasionally I call him Rafa for old times sake. He never even looks up. BTW, Rafa Nadal doesn't like dogs. Much as I love him, I don't understand people that don't like dogs, unless they had an unfortunate incident with a dog at a young age.

At 2:11pm on August 12, 2014, Lucy & Ricky (Wendy/Jack ) said…

Good to hear from you, John & that Al's doing ok, even if not climbing the mountains with you and Gwynnie. RR would love to chase down Rafa Nadal's tennis balls, but you know he wouldn't bring them back! Have you tried that supplement I recommended for MicroLactin. It is great for knees. It's helped my friends 13 yr old GSD tremendously, and Jack and I feel that it's helping us, too. It's possible to see a marked improvement w/in a week. Let me know if you try it and what you think. Happy summer J,A,G

At 12:29am on May 19, 2014, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…

thanks for the kind words john, I appreciate it. 

At 6:26pm on January 27, 2014, Kristin Lewis said…

Monty misses you all back and now we have another corgi (a cardigan)

At 2:16pm on January 26, 2014, Lucy & Ricky (Wendy/Jack ) said…

I don't know who Ricky's rooting for as he's slept through the Australian. I don't want to do any spoiler here in case you care who won the finals today.

I'm glad Al is doing ok. We had to bring Ricky Rafa back to the veterinary hospital this week, but not for his ACL. This time for eating the carcasses of dead rodents. Apparently he found my old cat's stash of remains. He was quite sick, vomiting in volumes I had never before seen. But, he's fine now. No obstructions and xrays showed no remaining rodent bones. He's got 9 lives.

At 9:17pm on November 11, 2013, Amber Nelson said…

John, I posted a few more pics of Rusty the heeler corgi in an album for you. I have to upload them from my phone, but I took some this morning of his corgi butt on top of long legs.

At 10:39pm on September 20, 2013, Jolly Wahlstrom said…

Interesting about the short legs. I was wondering if the male carries the leg length gene. I have been asking people who have corgi mixes and it seems that if the male was the corgi, the dogs have short legs but if it was the female they don't have very short legs though they may be a bit shorter than normal. 

Little Sister hurt her back a few days ago so I don't think I'll be taking her on walks on the beach anymore. She slipped on some rocks and then started limping a little bit. We walked the 10 blocks home slowly and she was acting like a really well trained dog which is unusual for her. After a couple of hours of lying down she wouldn't walk and yelped when someone knocked on the door. She seems fine now but she is on meds, muscle relaxants and such. We need to take it easy for a few weeks and I learned to pick her up correctly and I have made a ramp so she doesn't jump up or down into the truck. I am giving her gentle exercise since it used to be the only thing that worked for me when I used to have a bad back (for years). 

I figured you would have tested a number of harness' for the corgis. It is sad when they get too old to do what they used to do. My border collie, Boomer, used to run with me mountain biking (it was the only way I had a chance to occasionally catch up with him). After 6 hours of full run, he figured we were warmed up and ready for a few hours of ball throwing. He died of heart disease at 15. Luckily, I had moved to Port Townsend when he got old and  I could walk for long walks on the beach and trails and I would go out and come back the same route. Boomer would go as far as he felt he could that walk and then start back and he would be almost back by the time I returned. He knew how long it would take me. 

I would love to have a Border Corgi, seems like a perfect combination. 

At 10:30am on September 15, 2013, Jolly Wahlstrom said…

Hey, John, when I saw your photos of your hikes, I remembered that Carl Elliott said that you had Corgis. I just got one, I had a Corsky but she died about a year and a half ago. I still bring her two brothers up to my house every night. They don't get enough exercise if I don't. 

I was wondering where you go hiking with a dog. Do you only go to Forest Service land? I didn't think they allowed dogs in National Parks. Since I am in Port Townsend, the Olympics are right near me but are mostly National Park lands. 

Another is about harness'. I am going to train Little Sister to ride on my Xtracycle and run with me off leash if I can train her at 9 years old to not chase everything. My Border Collie and my Corsky were well trained and ran with the bike everywhere. I could ride in the bike lane and they would run on the sidewalk but mostly we did trails. So have you tried Ruffwear harnesses or know of them? I would like to be able to lift Little Sister into the holder on the bike and off again when appropriate. They look like I could lift her but with long Corgi bodies I am not sure. Thanks, Jolly

At 1:08am on June 17, 2013, Meghan B said…

Hi John,

Thanks so much for your comment. I shot a message over to Mary Day at your recommendation. I hope that Mattie finds an awesome home. She looks like a great dog. 

I am so tickled that you decided to post on my page. I found originally by searching for "corgis and hiking" and the top result was a thread from this website. Your name was bandied around a lot! I had originally written Corgis off as a possible breed for me, because I had assumed their short legs would prevent them from going hiking and backpacking with me, but my research into the breed showed me how much I had underestimated their athletic ability. In a way, your dogs were one of the deciding factors for me to choose Pembrokes!

I saw Carrie Hale's name on the CPWCC list of reputable breeders when I browsed, but when I saw that Gwynnie and Al were also Haley dogs, I knew I had to contact her. I sent her an email a few days ago, but I haven't heard anything yet. I've got my fingers crossed, though. Hopefully I will hear something back.

Thanks very much for your messages!


At 3:02pm on April 6, 2013, Ingrid & Ein said…

Hi John, actually someone posted the link to your food bag page immediately after the post was made about the corgi who died. There are a handful of mycorgi users on Reddit. 

At 9:19pm on March 10, 2013, Jane Christensen said…

Actually John, the drought was so bad around south western MN last summer that we didn't have many mosquitoes either:) Lake Superior was low too. Actually the last 2 winters were dry ...kinda scary! MN does NOT have 10,000 lakes right now!

At 1:21am on February 6, 2013, Geri & Sidney said…

Thank you John! I had forgotten he was February and got a nice thrill to see him myself.

At 1:22am on January 26, 2013, Gromit, Sparkle, and Doug said…

Thanks, John, glad you enjoy the pictures.  Believe me, the feeling is mutual.  Like most I envy your corgi adventures and the spectacular scenery in which Al & Gwynnie take you hiking.

At 11:12am on December 27, 2012, Kristen & Nora said…
Hi John, I've admired your amazing pics on MyCorgi for quite some time now and saw this today:

Is that little Gwynnie at number 23 of 2012's most influential corgis?
At 10:56am on November 18, 2012, Melissa and Franklin! said…

Thanks! Yeah some days I miss him being part of a dynamic duo but Kirby is SOOOO happy with his new mom. I am currently fostering a kitten and that is keeping Frank VERY busy :-P

At 8:48pm on October 2, 2012, Bev Levy said…

Very funny John! I bet if you could find a 4 wheel drive Rv you would consider it! So glad Gwynnie still has her energy.

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