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At 1:15am on May 8, 2014, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…

Thank You Julia, it really is.

At 9:21am on January 6, 2014, Jane Christensen said…

Stay warm....mine are going stir crazy too:(

At 8:05am on October 31, 2013, Paisley "Vaquita" said…



I'd love to hear more about the super soft alternative to an e-collar desgined for a corgi!



At 5:17pm on September 9, 2013, LA Stewart said…

I wrote to the woman on Etsy.  We are trying to design a Corgi bag that includes the color of my tris.  Also, I told her that I would like the bag to be black with possibly some grey and red.  I picked some fabric from one of her other bags.  She was very receptive to my color palette. I sent her some photos of my Corgis' faces and butts as well.

I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

AND I can't wait to see what you bring to the next Wisconsin Corgi Picnic.  I'm sure I'll have to have that too!

You have GOOD TASTE!


At 4:54pm on September 8, 2013, LA Stewart said…

Thanks so much for bringing me the pattern for the Corgi scarf.

School just started, so I have not been doing much knitting or crocheting.  Maybe I'll get back to it when things settle down.

It was nice visiting with you.  It seems that the time went too fast at the picnic.  There were several people that I only got a few minutes to talk with and then it was time to take a picture, eat, or raffle off prizes.  I felt so rushed.  I wish we would have had more time to visit.

One of the people there had a Corgi that looked so much like my Wynne.  When we talked we discovered that this boy was the nephew of Wynne & Will. Very exciting.

Hope to see you at next year's picnic.


At 1:05pm on February 2, 2013, LA Stewart said…

Hi, Julia.  I have not checked my page for a while, so I just found your message. 

Thanks for the info.  I have been so busy knitting and crocheting other items that I have not started the Corgi idea yet, so this will be a big help.

I am having trouble with the pattern address that you sent me.  Please send the pictures that you said you have and the web address for the pattern that got you started to...


I will have to modify this even more since I have tri-colored Corgis.

Thanks for taking the time to help me.


At 11:19pm on December 6, 2012, LA Stewart said…


Have you dug up any ideas or yarn choices for the Corgi scarf that you can send me? 

I thought I might try to work on it over the Christmas break.

I'll take any advice you can share.  Love to see a photo of your masterpiece as well.

Thanks, Lisa

At 8:57am on October 20, 2012, LA Stewart said…

Thanks, Julia.

I don't check MyCorgi everyday either, so I just saw your message. 

I have been wanting to make a Corgi scarf since I saw yours. I was so cute!  I have not started yet because I am doing crocheting and knitting for our local humane society.  However, soon I will have some time to make something for myself.  I thought if I could get info from you about yarns and such it would make this project a lot easier. (And cheaper since I won't buy things that don't work and have to buy more and more yarn.)

 I know I will have to modify it because I have 2 TRI color Corgis.  I was trying to estimate the finished length and what size needles, etc.  So please send any info you can.  Also, did you knit it in a tube?  Do you want my E-mail address?  Thanks so much for any help you can give.


At 4:06pm on September 9, 2012, LA Stewart said…


I hope I have the right Corgi Mom.  I wanted to get some information about the Corgi Stole you wore to the Wisconsin Corgi Picnic yesterday.  I should have thought to get a photo of it, but I blew it.  Can you load up a picture of yours?   Can you think of other things that might help me creat one for myself?  Things that might help... Size of finished scarf, yarn you used (brand & color), needle size, any tips.  I believe you did it as a tube.  Did you write down any of your ideas while working on it?

I have been thinking about it since I left the picnic. 

Thanks for any assistance you can give me.


At 10:11pm on September 4, 2012, Henrys Person said…

hi Julia! we got the acme rocket from petsmart, and the goggles are those "doggles" and i think we got them online.

At 6:23pm on August 26, 2012, Snickmom said…

Julia: I just saw your question- sploot is when a corgi lays on their belly with their back legs sticking out. when Snickers first hurt her knee she tried to get into this position and couldn't, so I was pleased when she was feeling better later and could do so. Many silly corgi words are found on corgiaddict.com. Sploot is found in the urban dictionary: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=sploot&defid=2342946

At 2:07am on May 18, 2012, Toboe said…

I'm feeding him a brand called "Fromm" its from Centinela. Made sure that your getting a food that has no recalls =)

At 2:51pm on December 17, 2011, Lucy & Ricky (Wendy/Jack ) said…

My guess is that it will get better over time. I never expected Lucy to tolerate Ricky as well as she's been doing lately. But, he just has always loved her and never gives up, haha.

At 4:11pm on December 15, 2011, Lucy & Ricky (Wendy/Jack ) said…

Julia, I never thought I'd see the day when they'd sleep side-to-side. It's taken about a year and a half, and it's not an every day thing, yet. But R is a snuggler. He snuggles with Jack and me at every oppty and he's persistent. I guess that night he wore Lucy down, haha.

At 9:00pm on September 11, 2011, Tina and Cooper said…
Julia ...I have been in the garden a little more this summer,My mom passed June 1st and things have been real hard ,,thank god i have Coper to help me get through,, r u on face book?? if so fine me ,,,,tina garrison jeeps with american flags or coopers photo
At 12:15pm on June 23, 2011, Alice said…
Thanks for the friend add :) I'm going to post the link to my Goodreads page in the discussion I started in the book club so if you want to add me that would be great.
At 10:22pm on May 31, 2011, Jane Christensen said…
Amazing how bossy some of our little ones can be:)
At 1:09pm on March 22, 2011, John Wolff said…
I've heard rumors that the faeries, who really, really value their privacy, have successfully hushed-up any scientific inquiries that might reveal their existence.  Allegedly, the chief editor of Nature has been given a corgi puppy; it's very suspicious.
At 9:51pm on March 16, 2011, Keri&Merlin(Judy&Alan's Pups) said…
Too bad you don't have any pics on here of your cute little petite girl.
At 10:50am on March 5, 2011, Michelle said…

I love your picture poster from the Capital Protest.  I totally agree with you. 

We live in Madison.  Our wild guy corgi, Walter is 1 1/2.  We have a wonderful 11 year old yellow lab named Harvey.  We had a 13 year old springer spaniel named Petey that passed away in Oct of 2010.  Walter put a lot of life back into Petey during his last year of life. 


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