1 year old male welsh corgi needs a good home in southwest missouri area.

We live in Joplin Missouri and since the tornado we have had a hard time finding a place for my little male corgi. He is bouncing from house to house and needs a yard and a loving family. Everyone rental place we have found does not accept pets. We do not want to get rid of him AT ALL, but i have nowhere for him at this time. He is good with kids (I have 2 and 5 year old boys). He is also good with other dogs. Very playful, housebroken, and has gotten out of the puppy phase of chewing up my shoes (haha). Very loving dog, if anyone knows of someone that will love him as much as we do please let me know. I also crate him, and that is included to his new owners.


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Oh I hope one of the above posters can help and it works out well, I'd hate to think that I'd ever have to give up my babies because of a situation like that. I'm sorry your family has to go through this. I'm in MN's south metro area but if for any reason transport is ever needed to be helped, I'm there :)

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Linda Szymanski
The important thing is to find the little guy a home. If it does not work out with your friend let me know and they can take the Corgi to Golden Paw in Joplin. He will be safe there until I can arrange transport. Hope it works out for your friend and this cute pup, Kayla.

Jeanette DeMars
There were several posts on MyCorgi when I looked earlier. Don't think there will be much trouble placing this one.

Natalie Jenkins Adams
Whitney Hamm, if you end up taking her halfway to Memphis let me know, I will be happy to help drive part of the way too!

Kayla Cline
I'm just waiting on my friend to decide! The owner called me today and we spoke for a while, she's wonderful. No matter what, she wants to make sure her boy ends up in a home where she can check up on him from time to time, which I understand in her situation!

just an update for everyone..i should know if our bentley has a new home in memphis in the next couple of days...i am overwhelmed with thanks and appriciation from everyone on here being so kind and helping me with this. I just want to make sure he is going to a great family. I will keep everyone posted if the possible owner is going to take him. Thanks again for all the advice and support. Corgi owners are truly the best!!



I understand how you are feeling and if it wasn't so late I would email you my adoption form for you to use. Please ask for references and a vet # to check further if you need to. Ask any questions you need to. Make sure they are willing to update you. I have rehomed one of my own and it's hard but I get to see several of my rescues on this site. Good luck!

The masses all want to know - any news on this one?

still looking for a home for my bentley!!! :( if anyone knows of anyone interested have them email me. chrise2112@yahoo.com. i would prefer not to have him shipped unless its absolutely necessary. i think that would be alot of stress on him and me. i have several great people that are willing to help me transport him. he would make someone an awesome dog!


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Wish this fella wasn't so far.. would love him!
Let's make sure the owner doesn't think we don't have anyone who is interested.......
We just posted to a friend of ours who lives in Joplin. Am hoping that her family will know of someone who can take this boy. Will also check with a friend here in Indiana, though I think they are looking for a female, but you never know!
I feel the Same as Toni, if only Bently was closer =\

Would you consider a placement in St Louis?  How long or is this a forever home?  This would not be for us, we already have 2 dogs.  I have someone in mind who would spoil him rotten.  Haha. 
Your email did not work for me.  Mine is mchays@sbcglobal.net


Did you find a home for Bentley?  I live in Central Indiana and might be willing to take him until you get on your feet. I have a male corgi and a lab(foster dog).  Brady(the lab) will be going home any day now and I am sure Fergus(corgi) will be lonely.  We have had Brady for a year while his Mom was doing her Navy training.  We had it set up that she would pay for his food and all vet bills.  It worked out very nicely.  If you would be interested in placing him temporally with me maybe we could work something out.  


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Kayla Cline
Yeah it fell through with my friend, but I'm still trying to help her out. Anyone that is interested should really contact her, she's sweet and her pup sounds great.

Amy Carmona
OK, since the dog apparently seems still without a home, how about setting him up with Linda Szymanski? She has room, and she has transport, and boarding facilities available to hold him until next transport upNorth? Chris West? Kayla Cline? The owner would certainly feel good knowing he would be going to Linda who has a great track record with helping.

Toni Schenck
If anyone is driving up to Idaho anytime soon, my 8month female Jersey would love a brother for Christmas :)

Linda Szymanski
Thanks, Amy. I emailed the owner this morning bur have not heard back. I
would love to help this little guy.

Kayla Cline
I would talk to her first, I think she wants to place him in a home with someone she has spoke to and can keep in contact with. I'm not sure if she wants to put him in rescue or not, but I'd ask first.

Kayla Cline
and Toni Schenck if you're interested, contact the owner first!

I live in St. Louis. I have Corgi Rescue in Missouri and I'm licensed. I have volunteers in SW Missouri.I have emailed the woman twice. We can take the little one into rescue, picking him up at her home. I have thirty years of experience with Corgis, and twenty at rescue and placing Corgis. Yet, I have not received a reply. Many people have offered to help out. So my question is this, does she really want a new home for the Corgi?

Woah, I know for a fact she wants a new home for her corgi, but I am not sure if she wants to put him in a rescue. I think she wants to keep it personal and handle it herself so she can see who he is going to and keep in contact with him. I wouldn't assume just because she isn't answering emails that she doesn't want the help!


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