So everyone, I know this sounds weird, but I am wondering what exactly the terms "frapping" and "blaze mean? Anyone out there that can help me?

Thanks Erica

(If I am right frapping is running around???? And a blaze is his color on his face???)

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FRAP is Frenzied Acts of Random Play. Running around in circle, barking, acting all crazy for a bit. Many dogs, or pups, do it.

I can't help you out with Blaze.
For me, blaze means a stripe of colored fur that runs from snout to forehead on dog (different from neighboring fur), if they have one that is, and your corgi there does have a white blaze, at least to me!
Thanks ladies.
just want you to know i am glad you asked this, I'm still learning too, as are a lot of us:)
awaitng the answers! Leila and Court
Here is a good discussion about Frapping:

I so hope my puppy does this, it sounds hilarious and I'd love to see it!
FRAP - frantic random acts of play. : - ) All puppies FRAP. The endearing thing about Corgis (and I believe Westies) is that Corgis are likely to FRAP their entire lifetime, while most breeds outgrow the activity.

A blaze is a white patch of fur on the forehead.
I,too,had no idea what frapping meant.Now I know that it is what Corgi people,around here, call"zooming". Cool!
As long as we're borrowing markings from the horses... wouldn't Erica's wonderful pup technically be a bald face? Hehehe. Does FRAP actually stand for Frenzied Acts of Random Play or did someone just come up with that? Either way it fits perfectly!
I've heard it as FRAP = Frenzied Random Acts of Play and as
FARP = Frenzied Acts of Random Play

I always thought FRAP was better. In the Boy Scouts, Frapping a rope is what you do while lashing poles together when you twist the rope around and around and crossing over itself to lock the rope in thight. Much like the path a Frapping corgi makes.
wow... i had totally forgot that definition until now. thanks for the flashback to scout camp where we lashed together tripods and signal towers. good times :)
The original acronym is:
Frenetic Random Activity Period, a little more scientific than the more fun versions

The other commonly accepted phrase is:
Frequent Random Acts of Play

Last year I held a contest on Corgi-L challenging everyone to come up with new phrases and here are the ones they came up with:
Free-wheeling Rambunctiousness As if Possessed
Frenzied Racing Action-packed Play
Furry Rumble And Pants (as in tongue hanging out slobbering) Frazzling Runs of Arooing Playtime
Fervent Recreational Art of Psychosis
Flurries of Rowdy Arbitrary Peril
Fantastically Riotous and Acrobatic Pandemonium
Frantic Random Acts of Pursuit
Frenzied, Ridiculous, Amazing Playtime
Frequent Repetitive Affirmation (of the) Pedigree
Frequent Racing After the Papillon
Frenzied Romping and Playing
F-A-S-T Rambunctious And Playfulness
Fanatically Righteous Antics Play
Forever Remembering Actions Puppyhood
Freaking Ridiculous and Annoying Playtime
Fools Reliving Actions of Puppyhood
Feline Rodeo Awakening Poopies

And we made a shirt available with all of them listed on the back:
with a Cardi:
with a Pem:
and with both:
Thanks CorgiPants, I thought there was a more scientific name for it, since it is an actual scientific event. I'm going to have to look into getting one of those shirts!


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