Do fluffy corgis shed more than regular corgis? Or do they shed less?

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I was told that they shed less.
My fluffy Pandora seems to shed less than her regular coated brother. However, I believe that the fur gets caught up in itself and it is brushed out rather than falling on the floor. It probably is less though.
My breeder said less than "normal" corgis.
I would think a fluffy would shed about the same amount, but more would stay in the coat and be brushed out rather than fall out onto the floor, so it would appear as if there is less shedding.
We're on our third corgi - Marcus (fluffy). The others were not fluffys (Kyra's 9 now and Meagan was @7 when we found her a new home). Marcus sheds and his hair is everywhere. He appears to be making up (fur-wise) for our two 18 year old kittens that passed away last year. I don't care what vets say... our carpets and hardwood floors are a mess. We vacuum often. DON'T WEAR BLACK but keep your pup.
I brush Shippo on a daily basis, so it seems like he sheds less, but I'm sure he sheds about the same as any other corgi, and I just get a lot of it out during brushing.
Short-haired dogs tend to shed more because their hair reaches its full length and falls out faster. As for corgis: my sister has two corgis - one is fluffy; the other shorthaired. They shed about the same amount.
It appears my fluffy girl sheds far less. They do not possess the same sort of double coat that a normal coat does. She does need far more grooming to have a nice coat as they do mat. I think it is more work but less shedding. They are sure lovely though and worth the work.


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