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I will be getting a pup from this breeder in the next week. I took a trip to their farm to select a puppy, and was very happy with what I found.

When we arrived, we were shown to the whelping shed, which was a small, very well-kept building that had two whelping areas, and two litters occupying them. We were able to meet both the parents, who were very sweet and of high quality. Both are AKC registered, as well as most of the dogs on their farm. They had about six corgis all together, and two other dogs that were all free to roam the farm. They were a great welcoming party!

I was told that they were relatively new breeders, and were hoping to do some showing with their dogs. Their stud dog Max has 3 AKC points already. I was looking for a laid-back male as a companion to my 2 yo female, and the breeder made a recommendation as to which pup would best fit the bill. Time will tell if she was right!

Their pups are very affordable. I paid $325 for my male, however I got the sense that as they improved and got more dogs into the show ring, that price may increase.

Of all the puppies I looked at, these were the highest quality I could find in my area, and I feel confident that they are breeding consciously and responsibly. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a pet or even a first show prospect.

While they live over an hour from Sioux Falls, SD, they are willing to travel to meet you there, and will ship puppies if desired.
I got a pup from them nearly 2 years ago, Levi. He was a nice dog but upon me purchasing Max's AKC CH brother and Zip's sire, CH LS Jonbonjovi, I had to cut back on somebody so Levi went to live with a lady in California who finished his UKC CH title quickly and is also showing him in AKC. He was a nice dog though, hated to let him go really but he went to an awesome home none the less.
They also advertise on and their website is
Oh wow, a breeder nearby! I've been looking for someone close since I got Ein....I'm looking for a female counterpart. Nice to meet you!
Toby is from Adams Welsh Corgis and I couldn't be happier with this breeder. They are clearly very responsible breeders - due to the cold weather, I had to wait about a month before Toby actually came to me. In that time he was housebroken and well socialized. His temperament is wonderful, he's very healthy, and very easy to train.
And Toby is ever so handsome!
Hey I bought my Charlie from here!
When was your baby born?
Charlies mom is molly, his dads name is blackie...he was sold before we brought Charlie home!
I recieved my pup from this farm and they are amazing people and amazing breeders, they know exactly what they want in a puppy and work hard to get them.
I've been you know the puppies mom's name??? They have 2 pups of mine! I was to get Zip...RIP buddy...but he died before I could get him!

i know all the dogs they have my pups moms name is dixie his dad is lupin

their females are dolly sophie dixie and reba

their males are lupin and max

Hi! I got my baby girl corgi from this breeder and was hoping to find her littermates. She was born on January 30, 2014. Her parents are Di and Lupin. Thanks!


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