Ok. Here's the story. This past weekend me and Bailey do what we always do - go have fun! Well this past weekend, we went to Fort Funston (its doggie heaven for city dogs) - lots of offleash grassy and full-of-trees space away from traffic and even a trail down to the beach for some fun in the water. Well.. We were walking along the route, Bailey stopped to play with a couple puppies in the sand, and I hollered "come on lets go" and he ran right over to me like the cutest thing ever. Anyways, as we were walking back to the parking lot later, A woman and her two scottish terriers were walking in the opposite direction. Bailey was lagging a bit, so I said "come on!" and he started trotting forward. Right when we are about to pass the lady with the two terriers, she murmurs "here comes trouble".

Well, my question is - I know she was directing it to us because it was clearly obvious. I did not say anything… and it hurt! Who would think a corgi is MEAN?? I mean his sweet face and all - but not to agree with the terrier-woman, but I have to say that this isn't the first time. We went to another dog park on another weekend and they're shocked Bailey is so nice, sweet, brave and playful. They perceive corgi's to be aggressive (this particular lady had a golden retriever). Everyone (who doesn't own a corgi and knows about the breed) seems to think corgi's are malicious mean barky animals that cause trouble.

Just wondering if anyone else has run across this situation.. Or are these just more or less two isolated cases?

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When I took Ginger to the vet a few weeks ago for her post-surgery check, they started poking at her incision and she started growling.  The vet tech then gave me and my husband a half hour lecture on how Ginger is agressive and really needs to be in puppy training and that Corgi's are bred to be mean and agressive, and she's never met a nice one (mine included apparently).  I wanted to kick her in the face.  Yes, Ginger is fiesty, and a puppy training class wouldn't be a bad idea, but she's far from agressive.  Wouldn't you growl if someone was picking at your incision?  It really made me mad.


they are breed to be very tough and aware of the least danger, when and if they were working dog they would chase vermin and herd cows!! so they have a strong temperament. Carly growls occasionally and were working on this behavior, but i dont think shed ever bite because we are always pushing her to limits (my husband )

at 11 months old she has learned alot, ive taken her twice through training to socialize her

Torri is easily the most popular dog in oour very "doggie" neighborhood.  She is great with people and all dogs.  With little dogs and puppies, she pretty much rolls over and lets them have their way with her.  In play sessions with bigger dogs, she likes to rough-house, and holds her own with 50 to 80 pounds dogs, all play-time rough house.  Occasionally, one gets a little too rough, and she makes it clear that they have gone over the line; everything is then quickly back to normal, but they all know who is in charge.  Yes, she is a tough little girl, but no one would call her hostile or aggressive.


Really funny to see her rough-housing with an 8 month, 80 pound Great Dane, its an equal contest, with both of them clearly having a ball.


At the recent Florida Corgi picnic with 200 Corgis, I didn't see a single one (ok, one or two), that were aggressive or territorial.

Hahaha, here comes trouble! I know it is not meant to be funny but it really is - sometimes when I see our corgis all playing together TROUBLE is the only word that enters my mind - keep on doing what your doing. Great recall and a dog that is fun is the best you can hope for! 

Cranky old lady!

This might sound kind of weird but in general Corgi's are not passive dogs.  They may bother passive dogs and that may bother passive dog owners.  It's just reality - to them Corgi's could be considered MEAN.  If you have a passive Corgi why care what other people think - you should show them how wrong they can be.  Bothering passive dogs or passive dog owners is the least of my worries when I go to a dog park or go out in public.  My dogs are barky and nippy towards other dogs and my biggest fear is that they get mauled by some vicious dog and that'll be just fine with the vicious dog owner - ie. your dog was barking or nipping or postering so it's ok that some 80 lb. bull terrier ripped into it.  


I didn't really expect a passive little "other dog" dog when I bought a Corgi.  I would have bought a different breed of dog if that was of singular greatest importance to me.  Don't get me wrong Corgi's are wonderful dogs and if you want one that's going to be passive and get along good with other dogs you need to take extra care when making your selection.  I think these dogs are very intelligent and versatile as I know they can be quite passive and are sometimes even used as therapy dogs for the elderly.  But for me, I like the character and the loyality and the function of these dogs (not to mention they are beautiful dogs and a blast to watch) and think their ability to get along with other dogs is secondary.


I've heard the same comments you have and understand why we get that rap!  I got a house full of Corgi's and I think they are the nicest and sweetest dog I could ever know.  But not everyone who has ever owned a Corgi shares that opinion (passive dog or not)  and certainly people who only see them around could never know.





Why worry about it? Let them think what they want about Corgis. We know the secret, that they are great dogs!! If other people have different ideas, that's fine with me. Maybe then they won't become a "popular" dog that puppy mills and backyard breeders are interested in exploiting and ruining the breed. If they aren't highly popular dogs, then the reputable breeders can keep doing a great job on controlling the number of puppies out there and keeping the breed characteristics good and solid.


Become a member of the LCS, Lesser Corgi Society, and keep the secret of what a great dog they are!! Remind people that they shed TONS of fur, bark, herd, are stubborn and have mind of their own. Anyone who truly wants a Corgi will do their research and be prepared for this and love them anyway. I know I do!!

What a nice post!  As a member of the LCS I think everyone should be informed that many Corgis also fart and eat poop too!

There are some very naughty corgis out there, (I know, had one before). They need a ton of socialization, and they're so smart, they can out smart their owners. But that was kinda mean of her to just assume that you had a bad dog.
In my neighborhood there was a couple that had a rescue Corgi that was aggressive, I guess.  She was here a couple of times and I never saw that behavior in her.  But since then one resident here thinks all Corgis attack and maim.  Even though he knew Poopdeck before he met the other dog.  When we take P.D. in public we never hear anything but good and he has never growled or become defensive.  There is usually at least one "Ohhh, a Corgi!!"

I've read all these posts and concur with everything.  I get the mix identification, references to the queen, etc. and even questions about their legs  and sometimes questions about whether or not they are nippy. My husband calls us the Corgi Education committee!! I've not had any remarks about meaness, though. And my vet loves my dogs a lot. There aren't many corgis where I live, though.


 However, I just wanted to add that there's lots of negative press about terriors, too.  In fact, if we're walking and I see a JR coming our way, pulling on his leash and barking, I'll get my 3 corgis out of the way! A horse trainer once told me --jokingly--that the Irish invented the terrior and that should explain everything! She was, of course, Irish.But she loved the bad behavior of terriors and found it all quite charming. Her JRs were very difficult to be around and I still have one set of riding boots with teeth marks in them.


Of course it's owners that don't have balanced, trained dogs that cause the problems. 

We all know that our corgis are the best and deserve the best owners, too!

Not to head down the same road that this lady did....But I find that funny coming from someone with two scotties....Adorable but wowzer...CHALLENGE.  ^,,^


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