I just wanted to see if any one else's corgi's do this and it was a corgi trait. When I take my corgi's for a walk and they get tired. They both flop on their belly's and refuse to move. I call this flat dog.

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I have to laugh. We call them "Floor seals" because it looks like they have no legs.

First 2 times I took a corgi hiking, it sat down and refused to move after about 9 miles, and I thought that was the limit. Then I discovered the sore on their sternum from the shoulder harness. With a comfortable collar, problem solved.
Current limit: 23 mi. +8000' elevation gain, 14 hrs.

When the dogs are tired, they will show that they are reluctant to get going again.
Your dogs are amazing, John!
That's an amazing picture! What a great little hiker :) Considering that corgis were built to herd all day I wouldn't be surprised that they could go for long hikes like that.

I think its just another poopoo people make because of their looks.

btw where was that taken? :)
Wow, I have a 14 week old Corgi and I just noticed this flat dog thing she does as well. I was thinking what the heck is that move. She has barley been walking 3 minutes and Pishhhhhh all the air goes out! Sly little dogs they are!!!!!!!!
The volcano is the west side of Glacier Peak in the Washington Cascades, taken from Mt. Pugh, 7200', 4.7 miles with 5300' elevation gain. Although it's a major west-side peak, with the kind of view you usually have to rope-up to get, it once had a Forest Service fire lookout at the summit, so it has a good trail all the way to the top. I can't think of any comparable summits that are so easy to get to. Not even a hard day for Gwynnie.

These creatures long ago ceased to amaze me, but they never cease to amaze me.
Ha ha-Gus used to do that! In fact, once he was "flat" so long that a neighbor came out and asked if everything was all right! Of course he bounced right up and wanted to play with her!! Somehow, though, he has outgrown that. Corgis seem to go through many stages. It's just like kids-you get one routine down, and they change it up on you!
My lil girl Lola becomes a wet noodle when she doesnt want to do something. After a trip to the vet where she got shots that day, she became "flatdog" in the parking lot. Our very pregnant vet was coming out and saw her, she thought Lola was having a reaction to the shots and was really worried. We explained she was ok just wanted to be lifted into the car. I was more worried about our vet than Lola, she gave birth a few days later!
Shippo loves to flop down in grassy areas, and even roll around, but when I call him, he gets up and continues to walk with me.


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