We recently are feeding our 13wk old puppy IAMs proactive puppy food. We found out its not the best with all the fillers and are starting to run low on it. So we went out and bought Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula for Puppies, which we heard was a great brand. We just aren't too sure how much of the old food to give him and how much new. And how long should it take to fully switch out. Please help us!

-Zach and Lisa

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When we switched Lily from her food to Blue Buffalo, we did it over a week's time. She did not have a problem with the change and her stool never really got loose. When we give her moist food though, sometimes it gets softer, but that is normal. You could try maybe a 1/4 cup for a few days, then move up from there. Lily was not eating the old food so that might have been why it was so easy for her to switch. Good Luck :)
Hi! I would suggest that you use 3/4 of the old stuff & 1/4 of the new & build up from there. If you can switch it over a week or more that is best.

That said, I would caution you on using puppy food for a Corgi. Many Corgi breeders recommend to just use a good, high quality dog food & not the puppy stuff, because it isn't formulated well for our dwarf doggies. If you see you little one limping, switch immediately to a regular food!

There are lots of website on how to read & understand the dog food labels. If you need help with that, just give me a holler!
We've been doing the same thing and considering switching food.. although I'm not sure I want Owen even more energetic..
We are in the process of switching Vash from Canidae to Wellness- we did 2 parts Candidae, one Wellness for one week. Then for two weeks we did half and half. The final week will be 2 parts Wellness, one part Canidae. We add some pumpkin or bananna, because his stools are still a bit soft. Not sure if doing it over a period of time this long is better or not, but I figured it'd be best to take it slow.
go Wellness!
I would also add that it might take time to get fully adjusted to the switch. Dog owners really want to do the right thing so sometimes I think they're panicking too soon when their dog doesn't adjust to their new food within a couple of weeks. Then they try a number of other foods, which their dog hasn't adjusted to and figure their dog's stomach is too sensitive. Though that may be the case, I think more often than not people are jumping to conclusions.

It took a while for my dog Mac to get used to changes in brands. I had gotten tons of samples of high quality food at a pet expo earlier this year so his food would change every few weeks trying them. I settled on a few but it took longer than I expected for him to get used to it.
im switching from orijen puppy to orijen adult, i will be doing it over a long period since we still have a ton of puppy food left haha...so 3/4 cup puppy and 1/4 cup adult for a couple of weeks, then 1/2 and 1/2 then 1/4 puppy 3/4 cup adult. if i didn't have so much food left i would do it in a week to two weeks time.
We recently switched to Wellness and Roxi loves it. Before she just snarfed her food down but now she licks the bowl and looks for more.

Its good you swapped for better food :) Im sure you little one will thank you by being more active and happy haha!
You would usually switch foods over the course of 1-2 weeks. Start by putting 3/4 of the old stuff with 1/4 of the new, and just gradually decrease the old and increase the new.

Also, look on the back of your dog food bag for how many kcals per cup the new stuff has. I found this nifty dog food calculator a long time ago that can give you a good guideline on how many kcals your pup should get each day: http://www.mycockerspaniel.com/mer.htm

EDIT: I forgot to read all the responses first, so hopefully something I've said contributes to the thread lol...
When switched I just did half and half for a few days than I totally switched. My dog isn't that sensitive.


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