I am getting a corgi puppy named Guinness in a week, and I'm not exactly sure how much to feed him and how often. If you can give me an answer, it would be lots of help.
Lil' Guinness

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i do not remeber how much i fed neeka, i would ask the breeder you are getting your puppy from, neeka is a year and i feed her a cup a day of origen adult. and i think it was 2-3 cups when she was a puppy..but i would still check with the breeder.
First, congrats on Guinness! (Great name.) First, be sure you are feeding an excellent quality, natural food. There are plenty of posts on the site about food. Read the feeding guidelines on the food you choose. It usually gives a range. I start in the middle of the range and make adjustments as necessary. Be sure to feed on a schedule and do not leave food down all the time.
I fed my puppy three times a day. If you feed on a schedule it helps with house training since you'll know when he needs to go to the bathroom.

Each food is different as far as the amount of food you'll need to feed a puppy. This generally decreases as the dog gets older. I recommend getting a high-quality food and work on switching him over to it if the breeder wasn't using one previously.

www.dogfoodproject.com is a great website with lots of info on dog nutrition and what to look for in a food.
Hey congrats I'm getting an 8 week as well in about two weeks!! Are you as excited as I am? Hehe...

Sorry, off-topic. But I am sooo excited. :]
I would also recommend 3 times a day. Their metabolisms are running like crazy when they're puppies, so waiting 12 ours between feeds for them in pretty harsh.

How much you feed them depends on what you feed. Supposedly you can feed less if you're using higher quality foods. If you're doing a dry kibble read the label and then probably feed a little less than what it recommends.

Always keep an eye on your dog's weight to see how the portions are working out for him. If you can feed his ribs and count the individual ribs you're feeding him too little. If you can't feel his ribs at all you're feeding him too much.
Hehe. I only say supposedly because I haven't actually seen it first hand. :)


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