How often do you take an 8 week old puppy out to go to the bathroom?

We are getting our corgi Guinness in 2 days (squee!!) and I was wondering how much do I take him outside to go potty. I'm very anxious for him to come home with us, but that is still a question I need to know the answer to. Please try to reply. Thanks!!!
-Lil' Guinness

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lets see..

1. 1st thing in the morning
2. After Breakfast
3. Once more about a half hour later
4. When I come home for lunch
5. After he eats lunch
6. Once more before I head back to lunch
7. When I get home from work
8. After he eats dinner
9. Again about an hour later
10. One more time for good measure
11. Right before we go to bed

The real answer is probably AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE :). Whenever you see him sniffing or spinning in circles or if he goes to a corner..right after a hard play time.. after he wakes from a nap.. etc. I'm sure you'll pick up on his cues :)
As often as you can, definitely FIRST (he will not wait for you to put your shoes on) thing in the morning and after meals. Try to set up a potty and food schedule. No food or water after 8 pm. Pick a word or phrase to say when you are going to take him outside and always say it. Take him to the same spot every time and PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE when he goes potty outside like no other dog has ever done it better! Remember that accidents happen, and unless you can grab him when he is in the act do not scold him because he will not understand. When he is not in the crate, he needs to have 100% of your attention. If he starts to sniff around and wonder off, he needs to go.

Keep in mind that he isn't trying to be bad, he has a tiny bladder. Be patient with him and yourself, and good luck!
I brought Kona at 10 weeks.. If one of you are not working, just try to go out as much as possible. I would even get up once during bedtime to take her out. I think on average, I took her out once every hour or so..(excluding bedtime)
Good luck! Corgis are really smart and your baby will pick it up really fast. Eventually when they get just lil older (about 15 weeks?), they will be able to hold for a lot~~ longer.
You will do little else for awhile.
Karen Pryor has a great article on housetraining with a sample schedule of when puppies need to be taken out.
Dawn house trained both our Corgis. Her mantra was ..... when in doubt, take them out!!! In other words if you're asking yourself, I wonder if he needs to go out?? He does!!! Enjoy your new little one!!
and train any other member in your family to do so as well.. :-) ask me how I know
Hey again, we took our Nick out every two hours unless we were playing hard with him (then within ten minutes from stoping play) or if he had just eaten (within 20 - 30 min. after they eat) or met someone new then we took him out immediately. Standard that I have heard is that they can hold their bladder for an hour longer than the number of months old they are (up until full grown). So, if he is eight weeks then technically he should be able to go three hours without having to go out but I stuck to the 2 hour rule and it seemed to do really well. If you are crate training then I would say not more than 4 hours at a time. I used to come home at lunch time to let Nick out and I changed my work schedule so that I could leave at 3 to make sure that I would be home in time to let him out in the afternoon. There is a really good book called Pembroke Welsh Corgis sub title of A New Owner's Guide to Pembroke Welsh Corgis by Susan M. Ewing and this is a good source of info. I have a quick question for you, what has your breeder told you? My breeder has been my lifeline with Nick. Just curious. Hope this helps. Julia :O)
I heard and went by the rule of however many months old=hours till pee time. But thats also because Asher was huge. So I figured he had a pretty good bladder size. Even then I was up with him at 3, 5, 7, 9, school or work, back at noon, out, back home later out, there was a LOT of "outside asher? outside?" He learned really fast though and I NEVER had piddle problems with him. Corgi's are a lot smaller though so I am preparing to be doing a lot more of "outside?" with the new little one.


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