Gosh, I keep seeing this intelligence ranking being pushed on the web:
http://www.petrix.com/dogint/1-10.html, again and again...

and the corgi is ranked 11 in the list. I wonder if there is any truth in it. Cause I strongly believe that corgis are a LOT smarter than Rottweilers or Poodles.... They are very lovable, extremely protective, exceptionally loyal, and easy to train like no other dogs... It's not like I have any prejudice against other dogs ;).

Can anyone offer any other reputable source of dog intelligence ranking? I'm just curious.


("Crazy about my corgi")

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Tiki (female, a pembroke) is too smart for her own good. Cruise on the other hand (male,also a pembroke) is certainly not the brightest bulb on the tree. They are the typical stereotypes of kids in some families...she's the brain and he's the athlete.
I absolutely think that Corgis are extremely intelligent. I have a 1 year old named Katie Bear. This is what she does:

I have a toy that was a cat toy. It is a large round dish. It has a groove that a small ball goes in. It is made to spin the ball. Anyway, Katie will spin it for hours. Well, as she got bigger she realized that she could get the ball out of the groove, however, if the ball is not in the groove it does not spin.. So, what she does is: she takes the ball out of the groove, drops it on the floor. Then picks it back up and puts it on top of the groove and then takes her paw and pushes the ball into the groove so that it spins. that's called Problem Solving.....

I can only assume, my little boy, Rolo, is who brought the grading curve down.

He's adorable... but he's dumb. Not stupid... just "I should have been a blonde" dumb. He's the dog that you throw the frisbee to and it hits him in the head 10 times in a row. He's the one that cornered the cat behind a loveseat that was situated catty corner...and couldn't find his way out. Yes... Rolo... my beautiful baby... my pride and joy... is "La la la" upstairs.

My husband enjoys it too. Way too much. How his girl Sadie is sooooo smart and Rolo is an idiot. He even says it out loud... and... the same as if he were referring to a furless child, I reprimand my husband, "Don't say it in front of him... he'll get a complex." He's finally agreed to stop saying it but he told me that I have to face facts that our short legged pup will always ride the short bus to PetSmart.

Just yesterday, I was remarking on something that Rolo did... and yes... it was another shining example of his "Moose-like" mental process... and my husband, chuckling, says, "Do I have to remind you, once again of your son's lack of common sense?"

Fuming, I replied, "Of course not, dear. This sort of behavior is expected. He *IS* a male, after all."

Hate to break this to you people, but ever since our owners (what a disgusting concept) stopped locking our crates when they're gone, Al and I have been logging onto their computers and cruising the net. We even know their credit card numbers (have to use them sparingly, lest we get busted). The one always thinks it's the other who's been buying all the dog toys and treats. I tried to sell the cat on Craig's List. Al's running a ponzi scheme. We're designing a paw-friendly keyboard, and if we can inveigle some idiot with opposable thumbs to manufacture and market it, you're in trouble.

Thanks for MyCorgi.com. Better than FaceBook.
-- Gwynn
Oh dear my mutt is so stoopid, I think LO is even smarter than Max was. I am actually pretty impressed with his smarts. I do agree with the repetitious stuff, LO is like "no way that's too boring"
The list rates the ability to train the different breeds. We had a wonderful Standard Poodle for 18 years and he was definitely easier to train than my corgis. However, as far as problem solving and thinking up activities my tri-colored corgi has him beat hands down. My other two corgis are much sweeter but not always the sharpest tools in the shed if you know what I mean. The poodle was always trying to figure out what I wanted him to do. My corgis usually know what I want, they just don't always decide that this is what they want to do.
i have to agree in that corgis are quite exceptional dogs. ein is our first corgi and he astounds us all the time. he is so attentive and without a doubt extremely intelligent. ein is the first and only dog i've ever had that I had to work for HIS attention and loyalty. remarkable!!
My Prince as a pup was able to get out of his locked crate. I use to call him Houdini, my Zoey who is a Sheltie is in the top ten are breed from the Border Collies, which is number one, on the list. Will get in and out of her crate all the time. All the herding breeds are very smart, they need to be to do the jobs that they are breed to do
Hi. My corgi is one of the smartest dogs that I have ever met. We call him our trick pony because he can learn tricks in 1 or 2 times. He understands. He is scary smart LOL. But I think its awsome.
they are watching... they are learning..... Eeeek! :)
Well, I think they just named it badly. The reason they call it an Intelligence ranking is cuz that's where people will go to look which dog breed they want if they want it to be responsive and do tricks on commands. Which isn't intelligence, but people think it is when buying a dog.

So its fine for its purpose, but I think they should make a revised list, though its hard to standardize intelligence.

This is the best IQ test I've seen for dogs that seems a lot more applicable (its not easily repeatable, so that's why they can't use it on tons of dogs of certain breeds to create an extensive list)

post your doggie scores!
My puppy Simon is SO smart! He's only 9 1/2 weeks old, and already there's a LOCK on his crate cause he knows how to open it!

He's not allowed in the bathroom, and he already 'gets' this. When I'm fixing my hair in the morning, he sits right outside the door and watches me, but never crosses INTO the room. That and my mom's room are the only 'off limits' rooms in the house for him, and it amazes me that already he understands this.

He just started puppy training a few days ago, and he's already MUCH calmer and better behaved, just by the few tips the trainer gave me. Alot less yipping and nipping, and alot more sitting nicely and playing less roughly. He catches on VERY fast, and I can see him always watching me intently, trying to understand everything I want from him. He even sits really nice when it's feeding time now -- I get his dish, and he goes in the kitchen and sits down all calm by the counter until I have it ready.

He's also starting to do 'hurdles' of sorts -- when we play, I make him jump over my legs to get the toy. I lift them higher until he can't go any higher, and he gets better at it every day. I bet he's gonna be a whiz at agility once we get started on that!


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