So annabelle doesnt like having her cone on that keeps her from licking her stitches, today she got it stuck in her mouth trying to take it off, any suggestions for something better? And I cant keep her from doing to the 2 things the vet asked us not to let her do which is running and jumping. She is not tirred like the vet said she would be, ou couldnt tell she had surgery.

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two products, the comfy cone and the procollar
That Procollar will do the trick, Thanks!
Some do ok in a baby onesie or t-shirt instead of a cone; that's what our vet recommends. As far as keeping her quiet, when our girl was spayed she spent much of her time crated or penned because she would not stay quiet either. Frustrating, but necessary in our case. Good luck!
I agree. You feel like a terrible mommy but crating in this situation sounds best. Its worth it in the end.
I have had four female dogs over the last 23 years. All four have been spayed and we never used a cone or any other barrier to prevent access to their tummies. We never had any issues with any of them licking the incision site.
My girl didn't need a collar either. My vet does not even provide them routinely for spay/neuter; they say to try the t-shirt first IF they bother the stitches, and if not to get the soft cone from the pet store. Many dogs find the cone more distressing than the stitches, but some are pickers and really do need it.

I highly recommend the procollar. Our little guy Riley just went through all that...the plastic cone, that the vet supplied, hindered him so that he had trouble eating and drinking. I found Riley's procollar at Petco. Here is a picture of Riley wearing the procollar. He wore it for 2 weeks, didn't slow him down too much. He also slept in it using it as a pillow! Riley tried to get to the incision area (as the stitches and shaved tummy started to itch). Every pup is different. I think there is a picture on LaVerne and Shirley's page of one of her pups wearing the procollar.
I thought I read somewhere (this site?) about using a towel, twisted and taped around the neck (a low-tech, low-budget pro-collar as the one that I will need is about $30).
Did you try it? It didn't work for us, we used an oversize beach towel and it was heavy, not "thick" enough to create the "no touching zone" and had too much "grip" that ours were smart enough to pawed it off.
I did this but with a scarf. With smaller, light enough cloth it was easier to keep it flush with his neck while having it stiff enough so that he couldnt quite get to his incision. it annoyed him, but he couldn't really see it so it didn't bother him too much.
I think you can buy soft cones which don't drive them crazy like the hard plastic ones. Let me know if you want me to look up and find this item. Not sure how much it costs.
I have never used a cone and have had no problems at all. Do you really need one? Have your tried her with it off? I think people just assume their dogs are going to chew those stitches, Maybe not. I think you should try her,


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