We're learning to give Milo more healthy treats so he can lose some weight. I know rawhides, milkbones, and all the doggie cookies are very tasty for him. But, they tend to have higher calories.

Anyone ever bake some healthy dog treats?
Anyone give their dogs some fruits or healthy "human" food?

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We rescued a corgi who was 40 pounds at the time. He's now healthy 29 due to regular exercise plus snacks like carrots, celery, apples and lettuce spines! It took a little cajoling early on, but he is now thrilled by anything low fat as long as it crunches.
Anne this is so awesome - it isn't easy to get a corgi to loose weight from 40 to 29 - WOW! great job!. I know, I have Sophie on a weight reduction program, she's lost 5 lbs and I want to try and get another 2-3 pounds off of her.
I have discovered Zuke's doggie treats. They are natural and healthy - made in the USA. www.zukes.com. Our local Petco carries a few of the items and we have another store that is beginning to carry the baked snacks and a bigger selection. The training treats are really small and only 2 calories each. Since my corgi is on a weight reduction program I am trying to give her treats that are healthy yet low in calories...these are great!
Great recommendation, Carole! I'm working on a new trick with Sidney and I like giving him low-cal treats for his efforts!
i just ran in to a couple at pesmart who came up to me and ruger and was saying how cute he was and said they had a nine year old corgi that weighed 60 pounds i was like what that is crazy she is way way over weight i would never let my baby get that big that is so unhealthy for their legs and their backs i told them that they really needto put her on a diet and walk her do sum thing that is really unhealthy i dont know it seemed way over weight for a dog that should only weigh 30 pounds at max
Rosie and Rocky love home-made sweet potato crisps. Just peel a sweet potato, cut it into thin rounds, put them on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper so they don't stick. Bake them in a slow oven, 250-300 degrees F. Stir them once in awhile until they are dry and crispy. I store them in zipper bags in the freezer and take out a small bag to use. Be sure to store extras in the freezer since they have no preservatives and could get moldy or spoil if left out too long. They take a couple of hours to get done. They should be not very "bendy" when they are done. My grand-dogs love them also. They get them at Christmas!
The recipe I got off the Corgi-L list I think, said to bake them 90 min at 250 and then flip them over and bake 90 min more. I've learned that when they get browned during that 2nd 90 min baking time, they are prolly done.  Thanks for the hint about the freezer. My recipe said to store them in the fridge.  Have you tried using a yam instead of a sweet potato?  My dh likes them too but said they'd have more eye appeal if they were yam-colored!


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