So lately Clutch has been steeling thing from table tops. I have a pull out night stand that is almost always closed and onto of it I keep two tubes of albuterol sulfate solution. Well I left it pulled out while I brushed my teeth and when I came back the solution was gone. We found it in Clutch's crate and googled the consequences. His little heart was racing and his skin was so red! We took him to the doggy ER and he stayed the evening. I picked him up at 7 this morning and now he is waiting for his regular vet to open so that he can spend the rest of the day there.


I have learned now not to leave anything laying about. Clutch has also started to steel bits of paper form the coffee table and has attempted to eat a roll of t.p. like spaghetti. He also got a hold of a tack and ran around the house with it until I was able to trade him a treat for it.


Clutch is now 9 months old and never really had the puppy stage where he got into things or tried to eat things that were not his. It is kinda of difficult for us to not trust him anymore because he earned it so well as a young puppy. I guess we have to prepare ourselves for the second puppy faze now.



This is Clutch in the car getting picked up form the ER.

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Poor guy!  I feel your (and his) pain.  Seanna recently got into a ton of dark chocolate, and after one very long night awake with her, and massive diarrhea (her- not me), it finally wore off a day later.  It was a long and very scary process.  We have a german shepherd who counter surfs when we leave, and we learned the hard way to not leave ANYTHING within reach that is harmful.  They have a pact...Sage gets it down, and Seanna eats it.  Works well for them...not so much for me!  Hope he feels better soon, and is home where he belongs!

LOL.. I laughed really hard at the "her-not me" comment.. I'm happy that Seanna is okay, though:D

It's amazing and frightening what our poopsters can get in to...and sometimes no matter how hard you try, things happen.  I'm glad Clutch is on the mend!  He's a very cute boy.


Aww..what a cutie-pants.  How did they treat him at the ER?  Are they going to hold him at his regular vet for observation?

Wouldn't it be nice to think Clutch learned his lesson? The above picture looks so sad. What a very scary time for you. Hope he is on the mend now and will be home shortly with you.

I hope Clutch is Ok. Sounds like he has a little too much freedom at this point. Some dogs never can handle the freedom of being loose when you are gone. I have one like that and two that are fine loose. Good Luck!

Hope he learned his lesson.  Baron's predecessor Scooters was once able to get a chocolate pound cake off the center of the dining room table when we weren't home and ate the whole thing.  Of course he couldn't do it during regular vet hours either. He lived for another 8 years and never took anything off the table again.

Dogs go through a "teenage" stage too, where they  push the limits to see where those limits are... that's what it sounds like to me.  Keep a close eye on him, this too shall pass :-)

Awh poor, silly pup.. Hope he makes a complete speedy recovery!:)

Poor baby.  Busy little fella. Hope he learns real soon to be a good boy. They sure can scare you when they do stuff.

HI Brittani! I hope Clutch has a full and speedy recovery.  Maybe he was so good before because he was too short to get into trouble, and now he's discovered he can reach places he couldn't before.  I have 2 very curious corgis that don't let their short stature get in their way of getting into stuff.  I leave them alone for a brief time each morning/evening while I take the older dogs out, and when I came back in this morning, I found my girl Kota standing on the kitchen bar.  She has discovered that she can jump up on the bar by climing a chair that is near it, so now I can't use the bar to put stuff out of reach! 

I think that we all need to be vigilant about leaving things around.  I feel like it is an continuous state of baby proofing around here.   Luckily we haven't had any mishaps lately although I know one is always around the corner.  I hope that Clutch recovers fully!


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