About 50 Corgis rescued from Taiwanese puppy mill - (note: contains upsetting but not gruesome pictures)

Hi Corgi friends,

I wanted to write a post about the organization that I volunteer with, and where we rescued our corgi, Rocky from. The group is called Ocean Dog Rescue and works to rescue dogs from Taiwan and find forever homes for them in Vancouver, BC.

The situation for dogs in Taiwan is terrible and very often purebred dogs and dumped after they are no longer "useful" to breeders. This rescue has been operating for about a year and a half and has found homes for almost 200 dogs (2 of which were corgis)..

Anyways... the morning I got an email from one of the other volunteers about a puppy mill that has just been shut down.. it was all small purebred and about 50 of them were corgis. The Taiwanese government is not good with dog policy and if those dogs aren't rescued, they were will go to their government "shelters" and most likely will be put down. I get easily overwhelmed when I think about the magnitude of this problem... but really just have to try to do what we can.

So, in Taiwan we have a few people who house the rescued dogs for us until homes can be found in BC (or nearby areas... Washington ... etc) they are going to try to rescue as many of the dogs as they can and then over the next month or two, the dogs will be given vet care, assessments and when ready and healthy will be posted for adoption.

It is very likely that all the corgis and other dogs won't be able to be rescued.. there just aren't enough rescue resources in Taiwan. But, in a few months, we at Ocean Dog Rescue will hopefully have several healthy (and getting happier) dogs for adoption. If you have any interest, can offer support or foster for these corgis... it will certainly help with the process.

I have attached some of the pictures of the rescued dogs.. (the pictures are upsetting... but not gruesome... the actual puppy mill pictures are gruesome) and several pictures of individual corgis.

Rescuing dogs is a super upsetting, but ultimately very important thing to do... thank you for reading and for your support.

Here is a link to the adoption website (none of the corgis will be posted yet... they were JUST rescued) but as they become cleared for adoption (1-2 months) we will post their stories... if you would like more information - please get in touch!


And a link to our rescue story..


Thanks for reading,

Munira (Rocky's mom)

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I am very grateful for people out there like you, putting their time and dedication in helping Dogs. Some people can be blind and not see the "reality of it." I believe the actions speaks louder than words. I understand what you are going through this everyday. I volunteer my sister's American Pit Bull Rescue. I have never seen so many Pitbulls (mixes) are needing of homes, being overbred, abandoned and have been placed in shelters. My sister rescued a female ABPT and she was very pregnant. Her previous owner dumped her in a big trash bin up in northern Washington. She gave birth to thirteen puppies prior four days before she was rescued. It is always important to have your animals spayed and neutered. Corgis are extremely popular, and I am afraid that they will end up being over bred and not able to find homes for this beautiful, soft hearted, and eyes like a pool of ambers creatures. Not just the dogs alone,an animal without a voice. I applaud you guys! Keep up the good work!
Wow... that is such a sad story about the pregnant ABPT... that is so great that your sister has the rescue and that you volunteer. I know some sweet Pit Bulls... but also see shelters here that are full of them. Sigh!
We do spay/neuter all the animals from our rescue.. try to help that problem a little bit.
Oh, how sad...I can't believe people treat animals this way. It breaks my heart every time. Please keep us updated as you hear more about this story! My husband and I live in Texas but we can't afford to adopt a second dog right now anyway. As soon as we can I will be searching the rescue sites.
I applaud you for your efforts and concerns over situations like this. This is so upsetting and hopefully everyone of these dogs will have a happy ending. I know thats asking alot. I do have a few people who do want to rescue or adopt older Corgis plus am on many groups and forums. If you could email my private account I would love to pass this information around for others to help out. info@wendtworthcorgis.com
 yay for you! I wish I had the money and space to help out with rescues. Maybe someday. Good luck.
Thanks for the reply.
As I get more information about the corgis rescued.. I will let you know.
Your website is great, btw..
So sad! What an awful life the puppy mill producer dogs live. I think it is so wonderful that you are helping to find a better life for some of these dogs.
Is there anyway they can check these dogs for micro chips! I am looking for my missing corgi of almost 3 years. He could very well be there! Bear is a tri colored corgi and would be around 10 years old now. PLEASE who do I contact? My email graceex@aol.com Desperate!
Lakeside, CA
So sorry to hear about Bear!
When I find out which corgis were rescued I will definitely check if any of them look like Bear!

So things have gotten a bit more complicated with this rescue.
The man who had the illegal puppy mill decided to appeal the decision and try to get the dogs back so the dogs are being "held" in a Taiwan county shelter. In Taiwan if a dog is sent to the county shelter the owner must pay a pretty big fee, so apparently this man is now responsible to pay the fees for all 500 dogs - he figures he can get out of the costs if he can get them back.

Anyways, many of the rescue groups came before he appealed and took the took some of the dogs to try to get them back to health.. we don't know the status of those dogs, which breeds, etc.. so for now, I will keep everyone updated if I get info about corgis that were rescued and are healthy enough to be fostered/adopted.

Thank for the comments everyone.. talking to people who love and respect animals is the only thing that keeps me sane when faced with stories like this..
Here is the info I know so far about three of the Corgis that we rescued from the Taiwanese Puppy Mill. Honey and Sugar will probably fly out to Vancouver in December. Teddy will need a few more months in Taiwan to get healthy.

(Click on their names to see pictures)

This is Honey, girl, about 1 year old.

This is Sugar, girl, think she is about 7-8 years old
She is very sweet.
health condition is fine.

This is Teddy, boy, think around 4 years old.
His skin problem is more severe, but shouldn't be easy to deal with.
Teddy will be ok in about 2 months
He will be a very handsome boy.
Thank you so much for helping and passing on the updates. I can't put into words the things I would like to say to people who use/abuse animals as it's not nice! They all look very sweet and I hope Teddy feels better soon too! It just makes me hug my rescues all the more when you see pics like this!


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