Hi Everyone, Happy New Years to all Corgi lovers. My question: After the loss of my wonderful Tri Corgi "Corky" in Oct, we got a new puppy "Tuffy". We have two cats in our house and Tuffy is getting a little rough with them when playing. He's almost six months old now. We are thinking of getting another Corgi as a playmate and friend. Tuffy is a male. We plan on getting Tuffy netured when he's old enough (we'll leave the breeding to the breeders) and we would like to know which is the best pick for a playmate. A male or female. We would have them both "Fixed". Is there any advantage to either sex? I have heard Corgi's do well with another friend in the house. We have plenty of love to go around for four little furry kids.



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Hi Dave, check here.
Thank you. Very good points to ponder for sure.
Great post Sam.  Just an aside - we had 4 dogs here (2 long term visitors, Shelty(M) and Cardi(F), and 2 older Cardigans(M,F)) when we brought home 2 females from the same litter.  We thought there would be some "savings" like it would be more like raising 1.5 dogs instead of 2.  No such luck - it was more like 2.5 dogs.  It worked out very well for us though in the long run - the key being that Corgi's just have this amazing desire to please their owners.  As important as their walks and their meals is their desire to be "good" dogs.  And for whatever it's worth we've got 4 females and at this point they seem to get along great and rarely any "fights".  And nowhere near the kind of "bullying" we had when we had just a male and a female. 
Hi I just recently added another corgi to the house matter afact this week, I have 2 boys now and both fixed and are doing wonderful together-- they just love one another play and play and lay by one another.. I suggest meeting on neutral ground and take him with you to see how they get along.. We took Toby with us to meet Chevy and they did great-- I have not seen Toby happier and he runs in the backyard now playing and having a wonderful time.. Donot really think it matter which sex u get just along as they get along..

Thanks for the posts here, very good info!  I have a one year old female and am thinking of adding another female (puppy).  Are 2 females really the worst combo?  A few years ago I had 2 girls (Labs) but they were litter mates.  House training was difficult, but after that, we loved having 2 (for 14 years).  My corgi has a different personality, though, and I'm thinking 2 at once would have been a problem.  If someone has tried 2 female corgis a year apart with success, please share!   And Dave, we have the same issue with our cats - it's getting out of hand!  Let me know if you get a second pup and the cats get some relief.  I've been afraid that the 2 dogs would cause even more problems for the cats than one...

- Jean

Jean, I have cats too and never allow chasing or rough play unless the cat is starting it. If your pup doesn't respond well to no ,a leash being dragged around puts an end to things quickly. It is important to teach that you decide what kind of rough housing is allowed. In my case, my two rescue cats are declawed so would be at a distinct disadvantage if jumped on by a dog. If they are not declawed the pup can be seriously injured. Some of my dogs and cats get along very well and some just ignore each other.
It really depends on their personalities. If you have a dominant female already I would not suggest getting another female unless you know for sure the second dog is very submissive. If you have a choice I would get a male.

Yes.  We brought two sisters home, added another female a year later and then one more girl about 6 months after that.  The ages of our dogs is 2 are about 3, one is about 1.5 and the other about a year.  They all nip and pick at each other to one degree or the other - the puppy probably will end up being the biggest of the bunch - the girls give her lots of slack and show tremendous tolerance towards her.  Three year old Star and 1.5 year old Spice occassionally get into the knock down drag out where we need to seperate them for a few minutes - Star would back off on vocal commands but once Spice gets going she needs a cool down period.  Spice, the smallest in the pack, is a beautiful dog who obeys very well but she is a bit on the fearful side. 


I think you could expect some issues regardless of the combination of dogs.  I have heard it both ways - it's hard to add another Corgi and Corgi's are very easy to add.  My experience - it's been pretty easy.  I would worry if I had an alpha male and was adding another male.


We have two females, but they are litter mates, and beyond some early housebreaking delays we haven't had a problem (they get along very well). I know others have had problems, but maybe we're lucky, or maybe it's an issue of training, I don't know.


We also had resident cats first, and I agree with Bev.  It's important for cats to have a "safe space", a "dog free zone" where they can retreat from the dogs and it's also important that the puppies know that they aren't toys. I remember reading on this site somewhere a wise owner posting "my house, my rules" in regard to dogs trying to play with cats, and  while our girls (when they were new pups) DESPERATELY wanted to play with the cats (and by "play" I mean "lick their ears off"), a very loud "KNOCK IT OFF" startled them out of mauling the kitties and gave them a chance to escape.  Now they all live in harmony.


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