Hey, I have a question and would like some suggestions.  First I have owned animals all my life,literally.  Horses, cat, dogs, pigs, birds, fish, etc, however this is new.  I got Solomon last March after my precious Chloe passed on 2/17/11.  I spoke with the breeder Mike with Faire Folk Corgis about maybe getting a baby., but I have spolied Solomon so badly that we have all agreed that a baby would not do well.  Solomon is so set on getting his way that a poor little baby would be "doggie abused".  Mike suggested that we adopt one of his breeder females that is being retired.  I am all for it.  In fact I am so excited that I can't hardly stand it.  She is a small girl, she weighs about 20 lbs and her name is Naomi.  She is the same age as Solomon and of course she will be fixed.  I have seen Solomon around boy dogs and some he does not tolerate at all.  We have watched him around female dogs and he seems to let them be the boss.  So I am going to get together with Mike and introduce her and Solomon in a nice nutural setting, but how should I be at home with them.  Solomon is used to me giving him all my love and I don't want Naomi to think that I don't want her, because I am the kind of person that I lavish affection on my babies, but on the other hand I don't want to cause friction between the two.  I don't want jealousy to come into their relationshop.  How would you do this?

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Check out Nothing In Life Is Free now before you get the new girl. Solomon needs to see you as the leader, then he will realize that you get to decide who gets your attention. Also, be sure to walk them together for a lengthy walk before bringing them in the house the first time.

Just make believe you have two Solomons!  The heart is not like an apple, where if you give a piece to one there is less for the other.  You can love them both just as much and they will know it.  The trick is that you need to believe this yourself. Every mother that has a second child goes through the same dilemma :-)  Enjoy your  expanded family.  Good suggestion by Bev about the walk before bringing them in the house.


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