Does anyone know a good way to restrain a wiggly puppy? I have to give my pup ear meds for the next week and I don't have a helper. I was having a friend help me with the last round, but the puppy hates it and I can't get her to remain calm.

I have given all sorts of animals meds over time--my other corgi had to get eye meds at the same age, but I didn't have the biting and wiggling that this pup does.

Any suggestions would be wonderful. I have tried petting her and getting her cozy between me and the couch, putting her between my legs, turning her over, and using the leash--I'm out of ideas. I have even baited her with treats, but that doesn't help.

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Have she mastered the command "lay on her side" and "wait" yet? If not you can give her a frozen peanut butter kong, that should give you plenty of time.
My only thought would be to try sitting on the floor with her on a leash and the leash under you leg, have the drops ready and try to hold her with your arm around her chest holding her collar and quickly drop them in. Wait and do the other ear a little later. They sure figure this out quickly! have some yummie treats to distract her also. Good luck as this is not easy!
That was my last ditch effort this morning. With the way she cries, you would think I was abusing her.

Also it doesn't help that my adult corgi starts whining and pawing his cage. I think he thinks I am hurting her.
Well I guess if all else fails perhaps a good old fashioned swaddle along with much cooing, assuring , praising, and loving words Not sure if you are a parent, but sometimes the only way to calm a newborn is to swaddle him or her. Might work with a pup too. You will have something like a Corgi burrito wrap sandwich! Be sure to say " Good Dog" with treat and praise along with it! And don't be nervous about it..dogs pick up on that fast.


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