Hello all,
I'm a first time Corgi owner and was wondering if I could get some helpful tips from you all! She's only two weeks old so we haven't gotten her yet but I want to be as prepared as possible. What are some good tips and advice you wish you were given when you received your first Corgi pup? She's a Pembroke Welsh and she's the smallest of the litter.

Thank you so much,
So excited to be a part of the Corgi owner community!!!

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The FAQ is filled with a lot of really great information for corgi owners, both new and veteran.  :)  Also, discuss how you want to train her and make sure that you and other members of the household are all on board and understand what the rules will be.  Make training sessions short and fun, as her attention span won't be very long as a puppy.  Be sure to discourage nipping and mouthing (using her mouth to play with your hands) right from the start.  Lastly, relax and have fun!  I know having a new puppy can be a stressful and worrying experience, especially if you've never owned a puppy before, but it's important to take things in stride and have fun.  She'll be learning about the world through you and your family!

Do you have other animals? Cats or other dogs?

The biggest thing i could say is be ready for lots and lots of play. They are a working breed so they have lots of energy. Also after living with mine for a week (she is 9 weeks today) i have discovered she likes to sneak her way under things like beds to go to the bathroom. Normally it happened at night, she wouldn't whimper or make noise to wake me up, instead she would get under my bed and go. Crate training has fixed the problem though, i would suggest reading up one how crate training works and what you will need.

Good luck with her; if you are anything like me you will soon discover the hardest part of owning a corgi is waiting for her to be old enough to pick up. The anticipation is mind numbing.

I'm going through the anticipation now! Thank you for your tips! I bought a general puppy and dog training book along with 3 Pembroke Welsh specific books. I'm a big reader and have done a lot of research but I believe experience is invaluable. Thanks so much for the first hand experience tips!
Also, I've already told my boss that I'm taking two weeks off (so glad I have that luxury)! I've been saving up my days off for this! I'm so full of excitement.

How old will she be when you take her home? The *earliest* advisable is 8 weeks but generally, the preferred is 10+. 

The breeder says 9 weeks is when she'll be ready to go but realistically we'll get her about 10/11 weeks because she has to be shipped. I'm worried about the air travel for her. Anything I should be considered about because if I need to I will do ground transportation instead...

If it helps you, I had my corgi shipped to me from Minnesota all the way to France on a non-stop flight, and he was just 16 weeks of age. He took it like a champ and wasn't traumatised or anything afterwards. Shipping, if the right precautions are taken beforehand, is not at all a bad idea. :-)


I have heard air travel works really well, but i have never had to do it. From what i read they just go to sleep and wake up when it lands. My mom shows rabbits and i guess alot of breeders fly with their animals to get to the far away shows, i have never heard anything bad about it.

The breeder i got Azura from shipped more then half the litter, some going as far as Alaska, she said she never once had any problems with it either, however she does have nightmares that she will make a mistake and ship the wrong pups to the wrong people, but so far no problems. 

How far away from you is your breeder?

Laci, congrats!!!!  I've had my Foxy for 7 weeks now and I am still learning a lot, but I couldn't agree more with Jen about the nipping and mouthing.  That is probably the hardest thing for us so far, but she's getting much better with age.  Make sure you have lots for different things for her to chew on. Toys, nylabones, kong, etc.  I know some people are against them but I started giving her bully sticks made by True Chews.  They are made in the USA and are not rawhide.  She loves them, but I limit her to maybe 1 a week.  I also give her the stuffed natural sterilized bones.  Of course everything is supervised and only given when I am home if they are ingestible.  I'm sure you'll do just fine once you get her.   Post some pics when she comes home.

Thank you for the advice! I will most definitely post pictures when she's arrived. I have a couple of her now from the breeder but her eyes aren't opened yet. But soon!

Congrats! I would definitely plan on crate training from day one. That will make housebreaking so much easier. I've heard a lot of people do something called tethering---keeping your pup tied to your leg so she's with you at all times so she can't sneak off to pee somewhere. And socialize, socialize, socialize! (Though there will be some restrictions about how much contact she can have with parks/other dogs until she's had all her vaccines). Take a puppy class. And have fun!

After she's settled in and you figure out her quirks and how it will be living together, you'll know more about what you need more help with. 


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