Eddy just finished his pinkeye eyedrops yesterday, but he has had some diahrrea since we took him to the vet for it a week ago! He seems constipated at times, other times has a regular-looking poop, other times diahrrea. No blood so far, no uncontrollable diahrrea, no multiple vomiting, no excess sleeping. Could the stressful week have triggered this?

I usually rush to the vet, but I haven't because his appetite for food, water, and play have not changed, and it seems like a weird timing/coincidence that he just had this pinkeye simultaneously - like it was just a bad chain of events or something. We gave him a dollop of organic canned pumpkin 4 times over the past 5 days, and it doesn't seem to help so I'm going to stop. Feeding him dry kibble vs kibble-soaked-in-hot-water makes no difference. Finally, he puked up a little hairball thing with grass in it this morning but has not puked again. He is not lethargic or glazed-eyed, he is my regular old cute playful puppy.
My Plan.
I am planning on not feeding him for 12-18 hours and giving him water w/ Pedialyte. Then easing him through a bland diet before re-introducing his food. Focusing on his symptoms, I found this info online from multiple sites. Does anyone have experience with these methods / think I'm crazy and need to go to the vet / have a better idea / have any good home remedies other than rice with chicken?

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It is standard with diarrhea to prescribe skipping a couple meals and then starting food back with light portions of a bland diet. I use rice mixed with a little boiled chicken or hamburger. It gives the GI track time to settle down. If he continues to have diarrhea I would take him in to the vet.
How long before I go to the vet? Like do the bland diet for 48 hours, starting tomorrow afternoon, and if it's not cleared up, then go?
Depending on how stressed he was and what he's been exposed to you might want to consider coccidia if this continues for awhile longer. A simple fecal test would check for it.
Thank you!
If the bowels don't seem any better after two bland meals I would take a stool sample in to the vet. Good luck.
I was going to suggest the same thing as Melissa did, take in a stool sample and have it tested for coccidia. Unfortunately, that's one of those pesky parasitic intestinal infections that is not discriminatory -- it can happen any time of year, as most dogs get it from eating/licking bird poo. Better to be safe than sorry. I had a Corgi/mix one time that caught the vermin infection, and it took two rounds of metronydazol (phonetic on the spelling) to get it all killed off. The symptoms are much like you described and non-descript, something that could be confused with more innocuous irritants.
Dragster has upset tummy problems all the time and acid reflux. Put a spoon full of yogurt with active cultures in it, like Activia into the food bowl. Its good for them and they love it. Any flavor is fine, Drag loves peach. :)
So I didn't feed him for 24 hours, then went to rice. Well the bland food diet helped for a day, his poo was back to normal, nice and solid. HOWEVER as soon as I gave him his first regular meal, late last night, a tiny bowl of his dry food, he went outside and had a bloody poop!!! And he had diahhrea this morning. So now I'm freaking out, I don't want him to be in pain. I'm assuming he has a parasite and we're taking him to the vet first thing tomorrow morning :'( my poor puppy!
I agree with taking him to the vet, but on the positive side, a lot of times there's blood in it just from irritation. Bear had the pinkeye thing too, and had diarrhea due to his nerves - he was just so upset about his eyes. Keep us posted.
Don't forget the stool sample and good luck with your boy, I hope they get him to feeling better.
Well they said he probably has giardia but aren't sure because he won't poop now! So they gave us a couple antibiotics and such and said he should be good in 3 days... unless it's a parasite or virus, of course. We're just waiting for him to poo so we can bring in a sample. OF course it's like he knows we want him to poo...
Poor guy. I'm sending poop vibes so that he can be started on a course of treatment to get well.


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