After first two sets of shots, is it safe to carry my puppy around in a pet store?

I am so paranoid about parvo and other diseases young pups can catch... I work at Petsmart and I really would love to bring my pup in when I go and pick him up on may 6th, I know parvo lives on the ground so I would carry him in it I brought him in. He will have two sets of shots when I get him. Is it safe to carry him in my arms inside of a store like this, or should I wait until he gets the fourth set? I heard that its okay and then I've heard it's not okay. Please help!!

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i was super paranoid and wouldn't take linus anywhere until he was past 6 months and had all of his shots, including rabies. it would probably be best to check with your vet.

I would as long as you carry him. The best thing you can do is let people pet him so he gets used to it. It's not like he's on the ground or in a high poop/traffic area if you are carrying him.

Thanks for both of your replies! I will have to ask a vet in the mean time for their opinion as well! I want him to be socialized but I'm paranoid of him getting sick. Do you know if parvo can be transmitted by humans?

After 2 sets of shots he's not fully protected. He should be fine if you carry him, but how long can you carry him? If it's just for a few minutes to show him around, should be no problem.

Parvo can be transmitted via the soles of peoples' shoes.

I would check with your vet on how safe your general area is, but mine said 2nd shot is fine to walk on non-porous surfaces such as concrete and washed floors. That said I'm still pretty paranoid so I keep time on public ground limited -- but carrying her, putting her in a cart or basket, or in a shopping bag is totally fine.

I took Ein to our pet store the other day after her second set of shots. I went during the work day and nobody was really there. I just put my sons shopping cart cover on and let her ride in the seat. My vet said no puppy class, dog parks, ect until after her 3rd set of parvo. Luckily that will be in just a few weeks.

Awesome!! Ill have to check with my vet and get back to you guys on what they say!

Since you work at PetsMart, if you are concerned about Parvo, keep a change of shoes in the car until your puppy is fully protected and wash your hands before handling him after work.  . The puppy needs socialization after the 2nd set of shots, but there are safer places to take him to than a pet store. Follow your own comfort level and Vet advice as different areas pose diferent levels of risk.

Good advice. Thank you! I've been putting my work shoes in my trunk recently because there has been outbreaks at our stores banfield location..what are some other places I could take him to to get socialized?

My vet suggested places like the hair salon, local school, coffee/internet cafe -- places where friendly people will be around, but not with a lot of dogs. You should plan on staying only a short time, holding the puppy in your arms. The minute you put him down the risks increase: not only communicable diseases, but every bit of food, gum, unidentified plant materials, cigarette butts, etc. that might be on the ground is potentially dangerous and could potentially be eaten by you will only be able to tolerate brief excursions, just because it demands constant vigilance on your part.

Another way to approach socialization is to have friends and family come over to your house. Much easier all around!

Thank you for the ideas! Sounds awesome! :) it'll be a little painful holding him everywhere like that but I don't want him getting sick whatsoever so it's totally worth it!

Depends on where you live. If you are in a fairly quiet suburban neighborhood, i would walk him there. You don't need tons of exposure, just different non threatening environments. Also you can make a list of people to invite at your home and rotate among your friends, or go to a friend's house for a short while with the pup, keeping it on leash. Pups tire easily, so keep it on the short side. Just look for short situations the pup can enjoy, while learning how to behave as well. Personally,  I would not be carrying him around a whole lot, he has to learn to be confident on his own 4 feet....The weeks will fly by :-)


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