I am so confused! Nutty and Cinny are the sweetest doggies!  Those of you who have met them, know this. Whenever my BF is over, they become maniacs. Last night, we were sitting on opposite sides of the couch....just watching TV. Cinny was on my right side sleeping, and Nutty jumped up on the couch. Next thing I know....it's ON!  GROWL, SNARL, GROWL....my BF grabs his Chihuaha, and gets up. I grab Cinny by the scruff, and shoot Nutty off with my foot. In the process, I wind up with 4 bites on my upper arm and shoulder, and a doozy bite on my wrist. No skin breaks. I have broken another fight up, where I got bit on the face. They are together most days in the kitchen, if I dont take one or the other to work. As soon as the fights are over, they kiss, and hug. I can't keep gettin bit. Something bad is gonna happen, but they fight ON me. 

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I would call a dog trainer! Somehow they are thinking they are both in charge. Meanwhile google Nothing In Life Is Free training and start following it immediately. They need to know you are in charge. Good luck, I have had the beginnings of these type of problems and you can change it pretty quickly if you are consistent. Corgis are very bossy little dogs and some like my Sparty need remenders.

Hi Jacki, the dynamics changes drastically when a new man and a new dog is added in the household. Go and consult with a professional for a few private sessions at home, make sure everyone is firm on rules and training methods, get it done and nip this in the butt right now, it is much cheaper than any vet bills.

Most people can manage 2 dogs, 3 is challenging - even for experienced owners, 4+ is a complete different ball game and a very humbling experience. It takes a lot more work when they didn't grow up together.

Had our yearly $300.00 visit...YIKES! Vet said everything I already know...and everything I'm already doing. Nutty weighs 29.8 pounds and Cinny 22.8 pounds.  They are exactly a year apart.  Cinny WONT jump on the couch, and Nutty jumps down off the couch whenever I bring Cinny up.  I will stop Cinny from being on the couch for a while, and try another dog bed or something for her to cuddle on. They just eat every bed I've given them.  Maybe I'll try an outside cushion that would be harder to tear up. She gave me a behaviorist to call as well...but I will try this first.  It's not all of the time...it's just so random.

Oh, and she said their teeth are amazing.  I laughed and showed her my shoulder...yeah I know!  The antlers are great for them too.

I agree with what everyone else said!  Good behaviorist should help, and what Sam said about the dynamics of 2 vs 3 vs 4 is definitely true from all I've heard.


I'll also say that couches are trouble spots.  Jack will growl and snarl if he is in my lap and Maddie jumps up on the couch.  If you never met them you'd think Jack is being a stinker.  But the truth is, every blessed time anyone tries to pet Jack, Maddie tries to squeeze in and push him away.  They get along fabulously all the rest of the time (they can even eat right next to each other), but when Jack wants some attention (which in the summer is once a week, in the winter maybe once every other day), well Maddie gets on his last nerve and I can't blame him.


So the rule is: only one dog on the couch at a time, if there is also a human up there (when there is no lap to compete for, they both sleep on the same couch just fine).   Whoever is there first gets dibs until either I say so, or the dog jumps down of his or her own accord.  Then the other dog can be invited up if it likes.

I agree the couch can be a problem! If one is up and the other two want to come up. I watch and see a lip curl and immediately correct the lip curler! Back the other two off and remove the offender off the couch and walk away! Then they are fine. I can sit with one on one side and one on other side but have to watch there cues if you see that stiffness trouble is brewing! a behaviorist will help you recognize your dogs signs! Luna is my loose cannon! She believes she is the babies protector and will try to go after Cosmo if my body language changes.  when I    correct him to let baby come up when he has a toy!  Now He actually will just drop it and walk off let the baby have the toy!  Now that is it took about a month of observing and correcting if he showed a tooth! Try to stay calm and watch their  triggers ~ it is scary ~I have grabbed Luna's back legs in mid run at Cosmo and dropped her down on her side hand at her neck she backs down immediately.  So don't give up it's a reconcilable difference!


So, Joanne, you are saying that you correct the lip curler? Do you let the others stay? Is Luna "helping" you correct Cosmo? Are you saying you allowed that and it helped? or that you interfered but her "helping" aided in Cosmo's behavior change?

I have two, a newbie (an adult rescue) and a dominant girl who are sorting it out, but I really hate to be in the middle of it. Of course, I am, since I'm wonderful Mommy and everyone wants me and everything I have or represent :)

Cosmo is corrected for lifting his lip! When corrected I touch him on shoulder just put him down and diffuse any tension by walking away they all just stand there then go about there business! No Luna is not helping she will get tense and try to start a fight with Cosmo if  I raise my voice . So to stop that I try to do it silently and keep calm. If I see her escalating I block her and tell her no fighting she will then defer but I have to observe them to make sure it has passed! It's funny though it is related to us and how we behave. If I leave them at house they  resolve it and have no problems when left alone!

Sounds EXACTLY like our house.  Brody is like Jack and Lilly just like Maddie.

I had that happen with my two corgis(male and female).  They are really tough to get apart, I got bit too.  Keep a blanket nearby and smother them in it.  You won't get bit and they will probably let go with the lights out.  It was so bad (and yes they were otherwise really sweet dogs, jealousy may have been a factor) that I almost got a cattle prod to break them up.  They would really hurt each other.  When they go nuts, they really go nuts.  Good luck!

I definitely agree it's a jealousy thing.

Well...no more fights since the last one..thank you Lord. I have stopped letting Cinnamon (15 months old) on the couch when I am sitting and cuddling with Nutmeg (2 yrs 3 months). I wish I could quantify the triggers. Note to anyone who has never had a bite...even with no skin break...my arm and shoulder are SOO sore STILL. I feel like I lifted weights for 2 days straight. I love my babies more than I ever thought I would. I know the rules....they dont sleep in the bed, they are perfectly house trained, and obedient. I think it's my BF.... :)

I have 11 dogs in my house...all intact except for one...even 2 intact males and the only time we run into an issue is when a femme is in heat. They can grumble and warn one another but if the one that is being warned doesn't get the hint then I give the reprimand. I stay on top of it so it doesn't escalate. I tolerate no aggression what so ever. I can have all 10 corgis in my lap, on my bed, on the couch, or eating off the same pan and who ever grumbles or does not listen to my authority gets pulled from the group if the warning I give they don't take seriously. If I have one on my lap and another comes over and the one in my lap grumbles or snarls, off they go..I am not theres...they are mine. I have strange outsider dogs visit me all the time and my pack is to accept that and they do willingly. Are you sure the Mighty Chihuahua isn't causing the first set of aggression with a low growl and lip curl and your Corgis just go off that? I've had several Chihuahua's and they are fiesty dominating little beasts. Same rules apply to them as well. BUT..honestly, there isn't enough to give sound advice. I would have to see it and witness it more but I can tell you this much....I have never ever been bitten!!! I speak or grab one and its done, they submit to me and would never lay teeth on me. I would highly suggest some behavioral management training by getting some professional help.


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